Victoria Zdrok was caught having sex with a stranger in one of the dressing rooms. The stranger made their big escape, but Officer Dorian was able to get a hold of her. Once in the office, the guard tells her to take her shades off – immediately recognizing her as the famous actress Victoria Zdrok, someone who cant really afford the bad publicity. Dorian threatens to tell the news outlets about this and to charge her with indecent exposure. Victoria begs for a backdoor exitexactly what Dorian has in mind! Anal sex is the only way Victoria can keep this incident private.
Athena Fleurs’s sassy attitude won’t help her out of the situation she’s in. Officer Jack caught her shoplifting and now she keeps talking back to him, demanding a woman security guard to conduct the research. The problem is that Bambi is on duty and she’s the toughest gal in the security department. And to make matters worse, Athena and Bambi Barton know each other from school and they weren’t exactly friends back then. Now, Athena will have to change her behavior and follow Jack and Bambi’s order to avoid the consequences.
When Jade Valentine and Riley Reign get caught shoplifting, loss prevention officer Calvin Hardy brings the girls to the back room for questioning. These religious babes pray for forgiveness and want to right their wrongs. But the only way to do so is by listening and following every order Calvin gives them. It turns out that these horny teens stole a vibrator, and so Calvin wants to show these shy babes the pleasures they’ve been missing out on in life. Jade and Riley end up loving the experience and consider stealing again because, as it turns out, sinning is a whole lot of fun!
Caso # 78000214. 13 de febrero, 5:24 pm. El sospechoso es una mujer morena, adolescente. Se le observa cómo roba en una tienda, pero el Oficial de Prevención de Pérdidas tiene dificultades para recuperar los articulos. El sospechoso parece incómodo, con un comportamiento esquivo. Después de un sondeo más intenso, el oficial descubre al sospechoso escondiendo objetos robados en sus pantalones. Se toman las medidas adecuadas para recuperar dichos bienes. El resto de este caso se considera clasificado. Evidencia registrada el 13 de febrero de 2019.
While Officer Jack is interviewing Payton Preslee, the thief he just caught shoplifting, he gets notified that there is another thief around, and it turns out it’s Payton’s stepdaughter Nova! In his quest for justice, the security guard strips them naked, finding their pockets full of stolen goods. Facing prison charges, Jack gives them an option: they can follow his command or go spend time behind bars.
As part of a college hazing stunt, Mira Monroe has to go into a store dressed as a sexy cop and record herself stealing something. But justice doesn’t care for these kinds of practices, so Officer Rusty catches her in the act and brings her in for questioning. As Mira tries to explain herself and play it off as a college goof, the guard has no patience for this type of foolishness. Instead, Rusty offers Mira a way out of this sticky situation. A true college girl at heart, she doesn’t mind a hot fuck sesh as long as she gets the respect from her sorority!
In “Shoplyfter Mylf – Case No. 6615419 – A Dangerous Duo,” Officer Jack Vegas catches shoplifters Payton Preslee and Nova Vixen. As he interrogates Payton, he discovers that Nova is also involved. Determined to serve justice, Officer Jack strips them naked and uncovers stolen items in their pockets. Faced with potential prison time, the women have a choice: obey Officer Jack’s commands or face the consequences.
Its unclear what got into Olivia Madison, but the innocent girl tried to play the old switcheroo in the stores dressing room to get herself her new outfit and got caught in the act. Officer Jack is inquiring about what happened, but the girl starts feeling intimidated and nervous. She doesnt want her parents to find out, but on the other hand, the security guard needs to be thorough. As he conducts a full cavity check, Olivia breaks down and begs for a way down from this messy situation. Officer Jack knows these kinds of deals, so he pulls his cock out, and Olivia quickly understands whats her next move.
Tommy King had to run away from home after her dad married an awful woman that treated her like shit. She hasn’t eaten in days, so she had no better idea than stealing food from the mall. When Billy, the understanding security guard, catches her, she explains to him her difficult situation. Billy sympathizes with her story but tells her she can’t be shoplifting for stuff as there will be consequences. Tommy then asks him for some kind of arrangement to go free this time, sweet music to Officer Billy’s ears and his big cock.
Kiki Daire comes from an orthodox family, and she has been having issues with fasting before her Passover dinner. Plus, she has to make it to the event in less than an hour and felt all stressed out, so she needed to unwind a little bit. Sadly, she chose to steal some food from the local mall and got caught in the act. As Officer Jack asks her what happened, she fills him in on all the details of her complicated last days. Jack tries to be understanding, but he also needs to be thorough, so he does a complete check. As Kiki has concealed food under her traditional attire, there’s not much she can do to get away with stealing. In an effort to help her relieve her stress and let her go free, Jack tells Kiki she can break her Passover fasting with his cock.
Jade Kimiko is an extremely savvy law school college student that just got in trouble for stealing some high heels. Officer Marcelo starts questioning her but she uses every avenue in the law books to get away with it. She even reaches the point of threatening to sue the store until Marcelo outsmarts her. This leaves Jade angry and nervous, asking the security guard for a way out of this sticky situation. Marcelo has Jade exactly where he wants her, and sex is definitely on the table in exchange for Jade’s freedom.
Young Fae Lux thought she could get away with stealing from the mall by hiding stuff under her clothes. However, she didn’t expect Officer Mike, a true pro that takes his work seriously and conducts very thorough checks in these kinds of situations. The security guard strips Fae and makes sure she isn’t hiding anything inside her body. The girl just wants to go home, so Mike comes up with an idea for her to learn her lesson and never steal again.