Stirling Cooper is recovering at his best friend's place after a night of partying. His best friend's girlfriend Vanessa Vega comes to check on him and they chat. Vanessa jokingly asks Stirling if he met any hot girls on the dancefloor last night and Stirling tells her he struck out. As a matter of fact, since he didn't get any last night, he has a MAJOR case of morning wood!
Danny Mountain is at home dirty-talking on the phone with his mistress Tana Waters when his wife Kayla Paige catches him. He's cheated on her so many times before - why does he even try to hide it at this point?? Sick of Danny lying, Kayla insists that Danny bring Tana home. If Kayla approves of her, Danny and Tana can finally bring their relationship out into the open....
When Ramon Nomar brings home his bubbly, younger mistress, Nikki Sweet, his wife, McKenzie Lee, isn't very welcoming. But according to Ramon, it's TRADITION for married men to have mistresses where HE comes from... although McKenzie is suspicious about how truthful this is. It doesn't help that Nikki insists that her being a mistress is good for McKenzie, too, since Nikki can take care of Ramon's needs when McKenzie's unable to! Not to be outdone, McKenzie gets Nikki to strip and show off so that she can see what she's up against. Surprisingly, the more skin Nikki bares, the hotter McKenzie gets! It seems like this arrangement might work out very well for ALL of them after all.
Kit Mercer sits down at a restaurant where Dixie Lynn works. But Kit is no ordinary customer... she reveals that she knows her husband (Tyler Nixon) is having an affair with Dixie! Dixie tries to explain herself, saying that she thought Kit and Tyler had an open relationship, but Kit doesn't seem impressed. Is Kit seeking revenge? Nah, she's already decided that her husband's infidelity means that she now has the freedom to fuck her spin instructor, and ALL of her coworkers. Yes, every single one of them! So what does Kit want with Dixie? Why, she wants to watch Dixie fuck her husband, of course...
Chloe Temple is so jealous when her stepbrother Alex Mack inherits his grandmother's loft in New York City. So much so that she asks him if she can move in with him. Alex is hesitant because that could really cut down on him bringing girls over. Chloe is quick to point out how she is a chick magnet and would be the perfect partner to get girls to come back to the loft. In fact, did they not have a threesome with her best friend Becky when he came home to visit?? He sure had no trouble fucking Chloe then. But this set up could be awkward for Alex as he would be spending a lot of time fucking his stepsister alone without another girl. Chloe acts quickly, reminding him just how good a fuck she can be. Cause NOBODY has a better pussy than this horny little stepsister!
Skylar Vox needs some help getting sexy pictures of herself for her social media and isn't shy about asking her stepdad, Tommy Gunn, for help. She's straight up with him, letting him know she'll be naked, but Tommy sheepishly goes along with it, anyway... until Skylar's boyfriend, Rion King, arrives. But Skylar wins him over again and Tommy's soon taking pictures of his stepdaughter doing the deed right in front of him!
Spencer Bradley stops by to see her step-dad, Dale Savage, at work. After greeting Dale, Spencer gets a mischievous look on her face and pulls her skirt up, revealing her pussy. Dale is shocked at Spencer's exhibitionist ways as one of his employees, Jay Romero, walks in. Dale is even more shocked when Jay and Spencer recognize each other. Spencer winks at Jay, pulling down her top and flashing her perky breasts. Looks like Jay and Spencer were more than just friends, and Spencer wants to pick up where they left off, grabbing his cock. Dale looks on in shock, trying to turn away. But when Spencer begs him to watch her get fucked by Jay, sliding down to her knees and taking Jay's cock down her throat, Dale can't tear his eyes away!
Jon Rogue, a teacher, is correcting homework when he receives a text message from one of his students, Khloe Kapri. When he opens it, he's stunned as he's flooded with pictures of Khloe showing off her pussy, asking him when she can get his dick. Once Khloe arrives in his classroom to follow up with the text, Jon tries to resist, but she's 18 and graduating in two weeks, so why not??
Wanting to work on her tan, Skylar Vox grabs a towel and sets it outside of her apartment complex. As the sun warms her bare skin, her neighbor, Tommy Gunn, spies on her from his own apartment door. When Skylar catches him, she confronts him, realizing that he's just frustrated because he misses his late wife. It looks like if Skylar wants to stop his peeping ways, she'll have to give him exactly what he wants!
Silvia Saige and Donnie Rock are a married couple trying to get their new nightclub up and running. Tensions are high as they struggle to fix malfunctioning equipment, their frustrations boiling over as they make snide remarks at each other. Finally, Donnie has to leave for a meeting, telling Silvia to call their sound guy, Charles Dera, to take care of everything. Silvia does just that and it isn't long before Charles arrives. She's instantly taken by his rugged handsomeness, especially once he gets a bit hot under the stage light and throws aside his shirt. Before she knows it, their bodies are crashing together... Once Charles starts undressing Silvia and tugging at her nipples, all thoughts of Donnie are gone from her mind -- Charles will definitely take care of EVERYTHING!
It has been one fucking hot summer. Temperatures have hovered in the triple digits and two little cuties Chloe Temple And Lily Larimar have been sweating their asses off in their loft downtown. Repeated calls to have the AC fixed by the building have been met with futility so when the building manager comes up to look at the unit again the girls try a different method. They take off all of their clothes and tell him they will parade around downstairs in the main lobby. The manager is quick to stop them and promises to get the unit fixed. The girls like this and since they are naked anyway they can't help themselves. They are so sweaty, sticky, and horny. They need a big cock in them to get them through this hot day and he is more than happy to oblige. The girls have amazing rocking sweaty sex and cap it off with a fun-loving summer cum swap.
Miami honey Noemie Bilas is a naughty spinner with a whole lot of sex appeal. Whether she's rocking a skimpy bikini at the beach or showing off her perky tits on set, Noemie turns heads everywhere she goes. When the Miami sun goes down it's time to party, and Noemie always does it in style. The shy-looking babe is anything but bashful, and this make up junkie loves to party until the sun rises between the palm trees. When she isn't shaking it on the dancefloor, Noemie loves to exercise her brain. Knowing full well that seducing the mind is just as important as seducing the body, Ms. Bilas can speak three languages and has studied psychology extensively. She'll attract you with her sleek curves, and keep you with her deep thoughts, but most importantly, impress you with her love for cock!