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Here's Cam giving us his version of the casting: Welcome Cielo, she’s 22 years old and eager as a beaver to get into the adult industry. Measuring up at a TOWERING 4 foot 11 inches, she is as itty bitty as they come. (and as I mention in the video I’m pretty sure that’s legal midget status.) Boy oh boy Rick sure knows how to pick ‘em amiright? So I'm gonna have a lot of fun with this little slut today. She’s here in search of fame and fortune and whatever else girls that age are looking for. She seems to enjoy her gig doing data entry for a construction company, but I guess that’s not enough to satiate her appetite for bigger and better things. So I'm gonna give her my cock. She’s pretty, bubbly and eager to show off what she’s got after a little reassurance. She seems to enjoy playing with herself and that pussy gets sloppy wet in absolutely no time. It’s actually kind of impressive how wet she gets. She complies when Rick has her get down on her knees to sob on my knob and doesn’t bat an eye when it’s time to start fucking. She’s so damn small it’s easy for me to toss her around a little bit. I love pumping them up and down while they ride my cock. She seems to be into the anal as I replace the buttplug with my dick. She gets the chair, some nice gapes of that blown out butthole and I even get her in a good ol’ fashion anal full nelson. I move her back to the desk and just pound away at that sweet asshole till I blast a nice load. UNFORTUNATELY i miiiiiiiight have blasted a little too deep as we don’t get much drippage… laugh out loud…. myyyyy baddd guys.
Aquí tenemos a Vanessa, hija de una estrella porno de los 90, uno pensaría que la madre le hubieran dicho que nunca, repito nunca hiciese un casting porno con nadie. Pero, por desgracia, la madre de Vanessa se olvidó hablar sobre la industria del porno y sus problemas. Sin embargo, mamá está emocionada porque su hija de 21 años siga sus pasos. Es a la vez un tanto extraño y bastante caliente pensar en eso. Al parecer...
This week we have quite the treat for you! We've got Nadia - she's sexy, shy and has a sincere "girl next door" vibe about her. Nadia just graduated college with a degree in accounting, but since no one is hiring she's looking for a career in porn instead. During the interview, she's soft spoken... even a little hesitant. Slowly, she opens up and then reveals her promiscuous sexual history (apparently boating around the South of France is where people go to fuuuuck). So she's not inexperienced with taking dick, which is a good thing for a potential porn star. After a little more getting to know her, we have her get naked to reveal her petite little frame and bubble butt. During the solo masturbation, she eagerly takes the butt plug and confesses to loving anal sex. Hearing her say this was when we knew it's going to be a great casting. Next, Cam puts his cock in her mouth and gives her the business the way he does. She finally comes out of her shell when Cam fits his dick in her ass. Remember how I said she's loves anal? Well, SHE. LOVES. LOVES. LOVES. ANAL. You've gotta see it to understand. When Cam finishes fucking her ass, he blasts her face with a monster sized load. Finally, just for funsies, I hand her a toy and have her play with herself until she cums one more time (with all that jizz just dripping off her face).
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Have you ever heard the saying two is better than one? It's not ALWAYS applicable, for instance two years in prison is NEVER better than one... unless you're into that kind of thing. But in the case of this couch, two is definitely better than one. This week we've got Angeline and Sophie, and before I go any further I'll preface by saying this is a FUCKING EPIC SCENE, we've got an hour and thirty eight minutes of debauchery. If you're not into long scenes, long interviews, and tons of girl on girl action, go ahead and skip ahead to 50 minutes when Cam finally gets that trouser snake free, and from there you're gonna love the action. If you want the full experience sit back, drop them pants and enjoy. We've got Sophie coming in first, and I let her know I've got an appointment later, so at some point we'll have another eager interviewee showing up. After a few slow pitch softball questions Angeline arrives. She had no idea there would be another girl here today either, so let the fun begin. I take some extra time really getting to know these girls, really getting them to let their guard down a little, and get comfortable with each other. Angeline has never been with another girl before, so today... SHE'S GONNA LEARN. We have them undress each other all sultry and sensual like, they do some masturbating, playing with toys, kissing each other. Neither has any experience with anal sex, so we have them use butt plugs on each other Shit, it's practically a full on girl/girl experience until we get them both sucking and fucking on Cam. Once that BGC (big ginger cock lol) gets out it gets hotter and hotter and hotter. Cam really throws down the gauntlet. He has each taste his cock out of the others freshly fucked pussy. They ride his cock and play with each other in multiple positions. We get some first time anal on both of them, and some first time ass to mouth and some gapes. To finish it off we recreate one of my and Cams favorite scenes from the movies... ASS TO ASSSSS, if you know you know, finally Sophie jerks a load out of Cam on to Angeline's face and they enjoy sharing that as well. Then we send'em on their way with no money for all the dirty stuff we got'em to do... but hey, at least they both made a new friend right?
What's better than a hot busty blonde on the couch? Having TWO of them. Taybre and Khaleesi single-handedly keep local tanning salons in business. While both brag to have sexually serviced the equivalent of a small town, only one of them has the guts to actually try and capitalize on those skills. Taybre is the go-getter, a big titted cheery sugarbaby looking for a way to become independent from those wealthy...benefucktors (thank you, SponsorForMe.com. Yeah I'm back. Next time screen your profiles harder.) In her 'demo tape', Tay proves without a doubt that she knows exactly what we guys like.
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We listened to your requests to have more Asian girls on the couch and this week we bring you 25 year old Yumi (pronounced You-Me). Listen guys, I'll go ahead and tell you, Yumi is a trooper. She's never done any kind of anal before, ever, and you can absolutely tell. We get her naked, she does a good job sucking Cam's cock, as well as getting the business in a couple different positions, then it's time to switch holes. This is true pain-al but Yumi takes it like a champ. This girl can barely walk back to the couch in between potions. Finally, Cam gives her ass a break from relentless pounding and fills her pussy with a big ole load. Then she's sent her on her way without pay... but she does have our recommendation ;)
So do you want to hear about the new couch we got, or the ambush interracial threeway? Couch? Ok, we got a new couch. The end. Now on to the threeway: 24 yo Katie loves gay porn and giving blowjobs "I'm really good at them", she brags. You decide if she's right - she gets to suck TC's cock AND JD's black python. She just doesn't know it yet. Not that she minds, you'll actually witness Katie fall in love with TC right there in the office and she doesn't really process that he's telling her that another dude is going to come join them in a moment. Katie does need a moment to compose herself when she realizes that aforementioned dude is a black cock god as tall as a house. She asks to suck TC off first. We'd call that racist but it's clear she's just really into TC. If you somehow miss her googly eyes at TC, watch her pussy cream up when he fucks her and it all makes sense. Katie enjoys the attention from the two men but her tiny pussy is simply no match for JD's huge cock. She does get off once or twice getting fucked by him but generally she looks like it's way too much for her. But then again, can't really tell if she's in pain or cumming. She makes the same faces either way. Anal ain't happening at all, you'll see why. JD shoots his cum load so deep inside her, almost no jizz escapes that curvy girl's womb. Thanks to TC's ridiculously massive and seemingly never-ending cumshot to her face and in her mouth though there's plenty jizz footage anyway. This is a pretty intense casting that surprised and delighted all parties involved. BTW, looks like a lot of girls just won't be able to handle JD's big cock in their asses. So in a case like that, what other positions or crazy shit do you guys want to see? No, JD won't be in every shoot, but if our buddy's in town, we'd like to see him join in every once in a while. Cool? PS: the HD version is at 60 frames per second. Super smooth. You like or nah?
23 year old Ava is here today to try her hand at some adult work. Coming in at a towering 4'11, Ava is the epitome of a little spinner. She's got great big ol' tits and the cutest little voice. Small and bubbly, just how we like 'em. As usual we start with some small talk, then we get this little lady nekked. She really showcases that deep throat of hers, taking Cam's long dick all the way down, nose to belly. She seems to be super worried about being good enough to get the job. But of course we all know without anal there is no job... Well even with anal there is no job, but we won't tell her that. Cam gives her a lot of dick in her ass, which she handles very well. Finally, he throws his meat in the other hole and drops a nice load in her pussy. Then it's time to send her packing.
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