It’s time for the Memorial Day BBQ, and Jazmin has a little surprise for her stepbro Austin. The sweet girl brought Skye, her new girlfriend, to the party. Not only does Austin discover that his little stepsis likes girls but he also realizes she is dating his ex-girlfriend. To make things worse, Skye and Austin didn’t split on the best terms: the mischievous babe stole cash from him. To make Austin forget about it, Skye sits on the boy’s cock while her girlfriend is not around and squeezes it with her tight pussy. Still unconvinced that Skye changed, Austin confronts her once more, only to end up getting his cock sucked by his ex. Jazmin barges into the kitchen while the blowjob takes place and, rather than feeling left out, she decides to join her girlfriend in eating Austin’s dick. The boy thinks the situation is getting out of hand and decides to talk to the girls about their stealing habits. Jazmin and Skye come clean about having taken some of his stuff, so they decide to make it out to him by giving him the celebratory fuck fest he never even dreamed of.
Amber’s latest prank to his stepbro Joshua is literally playing with fire. The sexy redhead is sending him sexy videos from the bathroom, showing off her sweet tits to see if he can take it. She thinks she can do anything she wants to fuck up with his mind, but Joshua won’t tolerate it. His balls are blue and his cock is hard, so it’s time to make Amber pay by eating dick. What he doesn’t know is that this is no punishment for Amber, and the more he responds, the hotter it gets for her. Her pussy is screaming for Joshua to stuff it, and her plan is working like a charm…
Angel Gostosa lost a bet with her stepbrother Austin and now has to do whatever he says while wearing a remote control vibrator. Now, he’s in full control of his little stepsis’ orgasms, making her cum at any point of the day. The poor gal is just chilling in the kitchen and her bedroom when his big stepbro barges in and presses the button, making Angel’s pussy all tinkly. Desperate to get out of the deal, Angel tries sucking Austin’s cock and masturbating in front of him, but the boy will only take the vibrator out if Angel lets him fuck and creampie her. Angel finally takes his offer, ignoring that she will eventually enjoy the warm sensation of his stepbrother’s thick cock shooting his creamy load inside of her.
After watching porn online, Roxie Sinner is feeling incredibly horny, and her stepbrother, Austin, seems to have caught her attention. Roxie touches herself to Austin, who she thinks is asleep, but he sees the whole thing, and he loves every second of it. It takes all of his concentration not to let Roxie know he sees her, but the next day, he confronts her, and she tries to play it cool. But now that Austin knows her secret, he wants to try to help her out. If she’s feeling so horny, why not use him to blow off some steam? Roxie knows it would be fucked up to mess around with her stepbrother – porn is porn, but messing around with her stepbrother in real life is extremely risky. Still, the urge to suck his cock takes her over, and she can’t resist getting a little taste. Roxie gets into it quickly, enjoying the blowjob almost right away, despite knowing how wrong it is. The sweet chick uses her perfect boobs to give Austin a tit job before she blows him again, letting him bust a big load in her mouth. Later, Austin catches Roxie making a video preparing for a “date.” However, Austin finds that the date is made up, and Roxie is trying to make it seem like she has a boyfriend. People have been teasing her about being a virgin, which quickly becomes a cause for Austin and Roxie to go all the way and fuck. The stepsiblings jump right into the fun. They’ve been feeling horny for each other ever since their first fling, and now, with her stepbrother’s cock inside of her, Roxie feels on top of the world. Austin finishes inside of his stepsister, filling up her dripping pussy with his load. Their juices blend together, and Roxie wants a taste, so she sticks her finger in her pussy and gets just enough to try.
When their parents are gone, Chloe Temple is ready to go party with her friends. There’s just one issue on her way: Tony, her stepbrother, has been instructed to keep her from doing anything slutty. He knows that his stepsis loves sex and anything that comes in contact with her pussy. To prevent her from getting dick, Tony makes her wear a chastity belt. He thinks she will learn her lesson with this, but what he doesn’t know is that this will only make her hornier, challenging Tony by sucking his cock without taking the belt off. Now that Chloe knows how to get her stepbro’s attention, she provokes him constantly. She even tells him that she has been trying to masturbate even while using the belt. This leads Tony to fondle her as a punishment, even if he knows she is actually enjoying it. Maybe she can stop using the belt if she lets him fuck her luscious pussy and finish off on her face…
The parents are out of town, so the step siblings fuck around. Hayley Davies is over the moon that her parents have gone out of town, cause now she can go to a party. Only thing is that they left her step brother Johnny in charge. He tells her she can just forget about going to that party. Not on his watch. Hayley can’t believe Johnny is being such a prude, so she tries to seduce him into letting her go. She flashes him with her big tits, but Johnny remains strong. Then she bends over and rubs her big ass up against him, but nothing going. Defeated she walks away and goes to the fridge for some water. While bent over in the fridge Johnny losses it. The view of her ass became too much to handle. He loses control, pulls her shorts down and fucks the shit out of her. Hayley lets him know if he wants t to keep fucking her, he better let her go to that party. Johnny agrees and proceeds pound her phat ass like a drum. He cums all over her face and tells her she can go to as many parties as she likes.
Nick just saw his stepsister Rose Rush’s boyfriend in the movies with another girl and he rushes to tell her. He barges into her room while the skinny girl is completely naked, trying to find something nice to wear for her date. Rose completely ignores her stepbrother and goes out, only to find out Nick is not lying. He is very protective of his little stepsister, so he beats the crap out of Rose’s now ex-boyfriend, causing him to get his hand all sored. Rose feels terrible about what happened and tries to make his big stepbrother feel better. The guy can’t even jerk off by himself, so Rose grabs Nick’s dick and puts it in her mouth. She never thought she would like the taste of her stepbrother’s cock so much so she relishes it like candy. Nick is surprised by his little stepsis’ talent, but he’s still a bit hurt about what happened. With a peace offering, Rose tries to get a hold of her big stepbro’s cock once more, but this time, she wants to feel Nick’s boner deep inside her pussy. The step-siblings can’t believe how hot the sex is between them, sharing a filthy bonding moment and ending this nasty session with Nicky cumming all over Rose’s cute face.
Joshua tells his stepsis Emma Rosie that everyone is making money by live-streaming themselves while rich people watch and pay them to do stuff. The young and innocent girl wants to buy a car, so she accepts. Their weirdo rich fans start asking for more and more sexual stuff, paying a lot to see Emma’s skinny body in action. Surprised by how much money they are paying, Emma gives them a glimpse of her firm ass and her petite and juicy tits. The crowd goes wild and starts asking for her to suck her stepbrother’s cock on camera. The two are a bit freaked out and feel awkward, as they’ve never seen each other naked, but learning how much cash is at stake, Emma just throws herself at her stepbrother’s dick and sucks it like a popsicle. Now a sensation among their fans, Emma and Joshua receive the ultimate request: anal sex! The offer is too generous to say no to, so Joshua pulls out his cock once more and pounds his little stepsis’ tight asshole, making him promise to go slow. As she starts enjoying it, her first time going through the door becomes a drilling session. Knowing that their fans will love it, the step-siblings decide to end things on a high note with Joshua making her little stepsis taste his cum
Aubry Babcock has started to get some attention from guys, and she isn’t sure what to do about it. Her stepbrother, Joshua, wants to help Aubry, but he’s also jealous and wants to keep her all to himself. When Aubry explains that guys have been checking her out, Joshua tells Aubry they only want one thing. He has Aubry pull her tits out so he can see what she’s working with. Joshua’s request takes her aback - they’re stepsiblings, and showing Joshua her tits would be fucked up on many levels. Still, the request turns her on a little, and the idea of Joshua desiring her excites Aubry. She gives in to his wishes and lets Joshua play with her body a little. Then, Joshua pulls his cock out so Aubry can give him a handjob. It’s a little awkward initially, and Aubry hesitates to mess around with her stepbrother. Even if they are just stepsiblings, it feels a little fucked up, and she knows if their stepparents find out, they’ll both be in big trouble. Their little fling is cut short when they hear someone come home, but the foundation is set - now, Aubry is all Joshua can think about, and his desire for her is immeasurable. They pick up where they left off when Aubry gets a bunch of letters from random guys. Joshua wants Aubry to suck his cock - if she’s going to go mess around with randoms, she should learn to suck dick in a safe environment with him. Aubry gets to work and starts giving her stepbrother a blowjob. It’s a wild sensation, but she finds herself loving every second of it. Maybe it was partially because what they were doing was so taboo, but Aubry loved sucking her stepbrother’s dick. Joshua cums hard and fills Aubry’s throat with shot after shot of jizz. Later, Aubry plans to go to a party. But Joshua stops her, exclaiming that she can’t go out in such a skimpy dress, and if she’s going out just to fuck, she should stay home and get fucked by him instead. She had hoped he’d say that - being desired by her stepbrother turned Aubry on immensely. The awkwardness of messing around as stepsiblings were starting to melt away, and now, Aubry and Joshua both looked forward to their alone time. Aubry sucks Joshua’s cock and gets herself nice and wet before she lets him take her. Joshua’s cock slides into his stepsister, and he takes her gently at first before fucking her hard. Everything about her is familiar and exotic all at the same time. Aubry’s pussy is easily the best Joshua’s ever had, and he fucks her until he can no longer hold his load. Aubry gets on her knees so Joshua can cum hard in her mouth. She savors every drop he can give her, and Joshua paints Aubry’s mouth and face with his jizz.
Chanel Camryn can tell her stepbrother Jayden Marcos is in a bad mood. She asks him what's wrong and Jayden explains that he just got dumped. He tried to corner his girlfriend into a traditional gender role and she wasn't having it. Chanel reassures Jayden that he's a ten and he deserves better....
Austin comes home early from soccer practice and finds his stepsister Addis Fouche talking trash about him to her boyfriend in the kitchen. Mad, he hides and watches the whole scene from afar, spying on the hot girl. Addis has a secret long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, so after a while, they start talking dirty and Addis flashes her tits to her phone. Austin wants to leave, but can’t help but watch his sister touch herself on video. He doesn’t want to get caught, but the image of Addis’ sweet boobs mesmerizes him, secretly taking pictures of her. Later on, Austin confronts Adis about what happened and shows her the nude photos he took. The guy blackmails his little stepsis, threatening to tell their mom and dad about her online boyfriend and the sassy pics he took. Addis is creeped out by her stepbro, but she can’t do much, so she agrees to do hot stuff with him. Austin pulls out his cock and makes his stepsister stuff her mouth with it, making her taste his creamy man juice. Now that Addis is at Austin’s command, the boy leaves a surprise for Addis on her bed: sexy lingerie. After savoring Austin’s cock, Addis is no longer disgusted by her stepbrother, so she’s actually aroused by the idea of him groping her in sexy clothes. She doesn’t want to cheat on her boyfriend, so as long as he doesn’t find out, Austin can fuck his stepsister real nice and fill her up!
Skyler Storm had always been the envy of all the girls in school. She had long blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a figure that could make any guy drool. But what set her apart from the rest was her confidence and her boldness. She was never afraid to speak her mind or go after what she wanted, and that was exactly how she landed her new boyfriend. And while most people were happy for her, there was one person who couldn't stand it – her stepbrother Joshua. Joshua had always ...
My stepsister Sunny Soleil and I don’t always see eye to eye. We’re just on a different wavelength and tend to bicker more often than we get along. Still, she’s my stepsis, and I have to take care of her like any good stepbrother should. When I saw her shithead boyfriend, Tom, making out with some other chick at the movies, I had to tell Sunny right away. So I went to tell Sunny about it but accidentally walked in on her changing.
Stella Luxx’s attempts to get her stepbrother Joshua’s attention are way over the line. The sassy girl walks into the same room wearing a slutty (and transparent!) outfit and parades her juicy little ass in front of him. Joshua tells her she creeps him out, but in reality, he can’t stop thinking about her sweet curves, and Stella knows it, so she plays with her tits close to Josuha’s face and asks him if he likes them. Joshua just can’t help it anymore and squeezes them nice and hard–mission accomplished for sweet Stella! A good crotch rub ensures her stepbrother won’t see her as an innocent girl anymore. Yet, the nerdy chick wants a little more fun with Joshua, so she confronts him in the kitchen once more. She craves cock, and only Joshua can satisfy her. She doesn’t think twice and goes straight for her stepbrother’s juicy balls and luscious dick, sucking them dry and giving them a stunning titjob. The next day, Stella wears a more casual attire for math club–something Joshua can no longer allow! Behaving like a fatherly figure, he tells her she can’t go like that. In a less fatherly twist, he turns Stella around, places her on all fours, and tears up her jeans to reveal that fine ass of hers. Stella just surrenders to her stepbro’s dominant attitude, letting him fill her pussy up with his creamy load.
Sona, Tiana Blow’s best friend, comes to visit over winter break. The girls are chit-chatting and catching up until Sona Bella confesses to her bestie her latest discovery: she might be a lesbian! To Sona’s surprise, Tiana feels the same way, so they decide to explore their sexuality together. What the girls don’t know is that Victor, Tiana’s stepbrother, is watching them closely- The naughty boy manages to crash their sleepover and confronts the girls about their lesbian curiosity. Tiana and Sona are initially uncomfortable about Victor’s intromission, but, after a steamy Truth or Dare challenge, they soon decide that the best way to figure out what they like is to fuck with as many people as possible–Victor included!
Stepsiblings Penelope Kay and Austin are constantly playing tricks on one another, trying to one-up each other and make the other tap out. They’re both ruthless and love seeing the other squirm. But things change when Austin walks in on Penelope in the bathtub, sitting on the ledge with her legs up, masturbating with a big dildo. He knows he shouldn’t watch, but Penelope is looking incredibly hot, and he’s never noticed how turned on he is by his stepsister. She doesn’t notice him and is getting closer and closer to climax. Her tits look fantastic wet, and Austin can’t help but desire her incredible body. When she does notice him, he quickly bolts away. Penelope tries to get back at Austin by sucking his cock a little and leaving him with blue balls. He can’t get his stepsister off his mind. She sucked his cock like no one ever has, and his lust for her gets greater and greater with each passing moment. Austin finally gets his chance to let out all his desires when Penelope asks him to fuck her. Penelope’s pussy feels even more incredible than he could have expected. Almost instantly, he wants to cum, but knows he has to keep going for her and show her he’s no one pump chump pushover. Penelope also can’t believe how good her own stepbrother’s cock feels inside of her. This taboo sexcapade is wrong, but they’re too turned on to care. Penelope wants Austin to bust a big load inside of her, and he can’t disappoint her now.
Asia Lee and Lindsey Lakes have recently become employees at a restaurant, working for their stepbro, Jay. He is tough and commands his team with an iron fist. But Asia and Mads Flores are tougher and know how to get under their stepbrother’s skin. The girls get raunchy right away and have fun making out with each other and feeling each other up. Bewildered but wildly turned on, Jay pulls out his dick and jerks it while Mads eats out Asia’s pussy right in front of him. Lindsey and Jacob are oblivious to the whole thing! Later, Asia and Mads keep the fun going when they suck his cock in the bathroom. Jay knows the other employees could catch him, and his reputation as manager would be tarnished, but it’s too awesome an opportunity to give up. When he has Asia and Mads alone again, he promises he can get them off of night duty if they let him fuck them both right then and there. They were going to let him fuck anyways, but this is just a bonus!
Lucky Anne sure is lucky to have a caring stepbro like Nicky. All she wants is to get into modeling, and it just so happens that Nicky is an excellent photographer. But if she wants his help, she’ll need to sweeten the deal. It’s no problem for Lucky because she’s been wanting to get her stepbrother’s cock in her mouth for a long time. Things start off slow, but the stepsiblings soon can’t keep their hands off each other. All Lucky wants is to get fucked hard by Nicky, and he’s happy to oblige.
Aubree Valentine and her stepbrother Austin are on vacation together and sharing a room. Intimacy becomes an issue when Aubree tries to change clothes and Austin takes a sneaky picture of her. This makes Aubree upset and forces her stepbro to delete it, but the awkwardness leads to a raunchy moment between the two step-siblings. Now, Aubree and Austin will take every chance they have to fuck while trying to avoid their step-parents finding out!