As all our devoted fans know we here at ExCoGi are all about genuine authentic and unscripted porn, wanting to highlight the models real personalities that we feature. That being said... CALLING ALL STRIPPER LOVERS! And if you're a fan of gentleman's clubs and getting the "stripper experience" than we bring you 20 year old, 3 year stripping veteran Tana Waters. You can tell this girl's been around the pole and stage more than a few times and knows what guys want. Let me tell you, Tana knows her way around a cock or a pussy and is not shy in telling our new cocksman Jon Rogue what pleases her and how he should touch and fuck her. This girl is used...
She's back and going further into slutland than before, this time it's Fiona Sprouts first DP!! That's right, a threeway, anal and double penetration for the first time so sit back, watch and enjoy! Not without first having everything you need to make you a good handjob, that this girl deserves it.
What's not to like about this week's exploit Ophelia H Flowers? This 21 year old girl had my ear from the moment she got in the car with that voice just made for PHONE SEX! Sorry mom and dad but your daughter's a little self proclaimed slut who can't get enough sex and loves to get naked the moment we asked her to. So I was running a little late for today's shoot and I had Rob my PA in the car with me when we picked up little miss "watch me masturbate", who was more than happy to let Rob feel her up as we got more acquainted on the drive to the hotel. This was one fun car ride and today's "interview" you will find out reveals what an adventurous type Feel- Me-Ophelia is. This girl got right naked, right quick and didn't care who saw her as a few passerby's got an eye full making their day, or month, I bet. I mean this girl is so down for anything she even wanted to suck off Rob in the car before going into the hotel room. Got to love a girl this horny and sexual. So after she serviced Rob in the car we begin with our flower on the bed and this rose petal got handled by our stud Joe. This girl was ready to go and as soon as I get her naked and Joe began fingering her holes and licking that beautiful slit and butt hole. Next the Hitachi comes out and she really goes for a ride having one of her 8 total orgasms for the day and tying her personal best record. Do you think Ophelia liked Joe? Well you would never guess from how many times she said, "You're so fucking hot" about him as she gobbles on his thick hard cock. Next she gets the tongue lashing of a lifetime as Joe expertly fingers her fuck holes. Oh yea she's enjoying this fuck session. Joe then proceeds to fuck Ophelia's flower holes in all the positions you know us for, all shot in PIP and a few new PIPIP shots to give you all the great action. This flower sure was fun to pluck and we loved taking her porn cherry for all lovers of first timers. SO enjoy flapping! Steve
Good things CUM in small packages and there are lots of good things CUMMING in today's package. First good thing is 20 year old collegiate Gymnast & Diver Brianna Anderson. The second and third good things are our studs Jake & Vince that CUM on our little fuck doll in this girl's first ever 3some and DP! This is Brianna's 3rd shoot and she lost her porn cherry over at Backroomcasting & then lost her BBC anal cherry at BlackAmbush so go check them out. They are hot scenes! Alright enough of the BS chit chat let's get to the perversion. This scene innocently enough starts with our gymnast taking a shower and getting ready before the DP storm hits and unbeknownst to me she hears me discussing the scene with Jake and Vince in the other room. Just watch as she gives a few smiles and giggles as we discuss taking turns on her and fucking her in a few different positions. It's hot. The actual sex scene then begins with Brianna sitting on a chair getting asked what day it is. IT'S DP / 3SOME day she says enthusiastically. This girl is so happy and up for anything. I just love her energy and spunk. I think Jake and Vince loved her "Energy and FUCK holes" better, getting her naked faster than you can say licitly split. She goes to town on sucking their hard cocks with the biggest smile. Has she ever sucked 2 cocks at once before? Nope. Has she ever had a 3some before? Nope. Has she ever had 2 cocks up her fuck holes before at the same time? Nope. That's all going to change today. I have to admit this ones a trooper and she pushed through the painal to give you the goods so lets all appreciate this little hottie in all her whoreful glory. Fuck I love my job. Enjoy! Steve
Here is 21yo Katlyn James in her first sex on camera, first hitachi, first time squirting, and so many orgasms we lost count... ok we didn't really lose count but you'll have to watch and count the O's yourself, it's an ExCoGi record!!! This is one of our favorite producers do not miss this scene.
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You knew we had to keep Malory longer than 1 day to maximize on this sweety right? So yes, 18 year old Malory Malibu lost her virginity the day before this shoot so we had to capture this "oh so special moment" of her licking her first pussy with her roomy Audrey Hempburne and today is that day! Now Malory is a little sore from the pounding she took yesterday but rest assured there's lots of perversion in this fuck session. Anyways it's all about Malory licking her first pussy right? So as we probe, we find out these two girls are roommates back in LA and Hempburne is taking Malory under her wing to show her the INS & OUTS of the porn business. Yes, the old IN & OUT of the jizz biz, lol. But rest assured perverted fans, they have abstained from performing pleasures of the flesh on each other until today just for your viewing pleasure. And what pleasures abound! So for this shoot we forgo the pleasantries of an interview. Why you ask? Because frankly who wants to hear these two talk. We want Perversion and Debauchery! Perversion and Debauchery! Perversion and Debauchery! Perversion and Debauchery! And who am I to withhold what my masses want. Give the people what they want right? So we start these two girls off with a little kiss. No reason to go stampeding towards the clitoris and Malory's awkwardness is just adorable. Adorable! And to temper her into her first ever Girl/Girl experience we have Audrey go down on this lost virginity whore first. Does she enjoy it? ...
Here is 18-year-old first timer Luna Daniels. This girl is a pleaser, sweet and looks oh so innocent but don't let this innocent look fool you. Luna is an exhibitionist at heart and loves to show off and have spontaneous sex in public. Of course our stud Jay, after getting a blowjob in public, takes our newbie back to the hotel to fuck her properly, and properly he does. First watch Luna squirm as he starts her off with toys and the Hitachi bringing her to the first of her many O's today. Next we highlight her BJ skills and she sucks a mean dick before getting fucked missionary then doggy. The day is finished off with a side spoon of dick and some reverse cowgirl and a big sloppy facial.
Some girls just have that "IT" factor, and 21yo Lily Larimar has IT. You know the story by now. Our stud Jay probes our over sexed exploit all about her off camera sex-ploits and we find out that Lily is one horny girl. "So what's the most times you have cum from one fuck session?" asks Jay. "Oh I think it was like 8 or 9 times!" giggles Lily. Stating it happened after a full day of webcamming. What a little slut. "You are horny, I can feel your clit getting hard" declares Jay as he rubs Lily's pussy on their way to a secluded spot for road head and outdoor sex. Lily is one sexual girl I tell you and this interview/Pornplay is right up any girl's avenue if she wants the "girlfriend experience". This is one of the hottest girls getting her hot pussy rubbed almost the entire drive back from the airport so if you like this pornplay stuff your in for a treat. Oh and they fuck outside the hotel also which is totally fucking hot. Back in the hotel she gets naked, sucks his dick, plays with toys, gets her pussy licked, gets fucked in all the right positions and takes Jay's load up her perfect pussy. Of course she licks his cum out of her pussy. She's a little slut and we LOVE IT! Lily Larimar is smoking hot and we hope your going to love the way you feel after watching this one. I'm ExCoGi Steve and I guarantee it!
Why do gingers get a bad rap? I have no fucking clue, but today's ginger exploit is 19 yr old, ready for sex, Rose. It's also ANAL DAY and Rose was ready for sex the moment she got in the car and was down for anything Jay wanted to do to her. "Do you usually cum from anal sex?", asked Jay. "I don't have anal sex very much, but when I do, the orgasm's are the best", Rose confesses with a giggle. So Jay gets the rest of the interview out of the way in the car on the way back to the hotel so he can put Rose's exceptional BJ skills to the test as soon as they walk into the door. Oh yea Rose can suck a golf ball through a garden hose actually and according to Jay she gives one of the best blowjobs he's ever had. Trust me she's good at it. But before that she has one of the most intense orgasm's from the Hitachi and you know she's going to get one as soon as she leaves this fuck session. They all want one after. The scene continues with Jay prepping our little slut with various but plugs and sure enough another O. She's enjoying this and after getting that incredible BJ he makes her eat his ass, and what an ass probing it was! This girl is enthusiastic I'm telling you. Like she hadn't eaten in days! It's was a sight to behold and she does it with such enthusiasm! Really it's awesome! Ok. So the video's half over and she's about to get that cock up her fuck hole... Yea there's that much sucking and rimming but trust me it's epic. If it's too much for you just scrub through it. Personally I love having my ass eaten. But hey, that's me. So at the exact round number of 57:47 into the video she gets that cock FINALLY up her asshole in doggy, and from her screaming and facial expressions I wished it were me administering the pounding. There's something about redheads. They just like to fuck and can't say no. Love it. Next Rose is on her back counting ceiling tiles as she gets worked in her pussy by the JJay this go round. But don't worry all you anal lovers, He doesn't spend much time in her baby factory before shoving it up her out slot again. Oh yea and just when you think it's over Jay jumps up and sits on her face while she probes his nether region for pay dirt ONE-MORE-TIME! She loves eating ass or is just a pleaser I guess. Of course Jay finishes Rose off in his signature side spoon and then unloads a massive facial that she just gobbles up. Hey, Thanksgiving was last month, Gobble Gobble. Well, we haven't had a redhead in months here at ExCoGi and Rose was just the super slut to break that dry spell and usher in the new year with an ASS BANG we think. So HAPPY NEW YEAR redhead lovers and I hope you will love the update. Happy flapping!!! Steve
FIRST ANAL EVER! Here is Fiona Sprouts 2nd scene losing her Anal cherry, yes her First Anal Ever, to JJay after road head and outdoor sex for this game for anything nympho on the way to the hotel. Fiona loves to change position when her eyelet is being dilated from different positions and without mercy to conclude by discharging an abundant amount of hot cum.
On December 19th , the last day of Autumn 2019, it's only fitting that we present to our fans, 19 year old Autumn in her 1st sex on camera. If you like your girls wholesome and innocent looking Autumn's your cup of tea. But don't let this shy exterior fool you and Autumn's not sure if she's the type of girl that wants to watch herself fuck on video, "But yea... I will probably watch it", she says as we get to know her more on the way to the hotel. Autumn's mannerisms for sure are shy, with that "hesitant / reluctance" vibe going on about her. But she confesses that after her friend Candi (Ashley Manson), last weeks update was here and had such a good time, she decided she would take the plunge and take a cock on camera with us. "I just want to have a good time", she explains as...