Here is 18-year-old first timer Luna Daniels. This girl is a pleaser, sweet and looks oh so innocent but don't let this innocent look fool you. Luna is an exhibitionist at heart and loves to show off and have spontaneous sex in public. Of course our stud Jay, after getting a blowjob in public, takes our newbie back to the hotel to fuck her properly, and properly he does. First watch Luna squirm as he starts her off with toys and the Hitachi bringing her to the first of her many O's today. Next we highlight her BJ skills and she sucks a mean dick before getting fucked missionary then doggy. The day is finished off with a side spoon of dick and some reverse cowgirl and a big sloppy facial.
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Why do gingers get a bad rap? I have no fucking clue, but today's ginger exploit is 19 yr old, ready for sex, Rose. It's also ANAL DAY and Rose was ready for sex the moment she got in the car and was down for anything Jay wanted to do to her. "Do you usually cum from anal sex?", asked Jay. "I don't have anal sex very much, but when I do, the orgasm's are the best", Rose confesses with a giggle. So Jay gets the rest of the interview out of the way in the car on the way back to the hotel so he can put Rose's exceptional BJ skills to the test as soon as they walk into the door. Oh yea Rose can suck a golf ball through a garden hose actually and according to Jay she gives one of the best blowjobs he's ever had. Trust me she's good at it. But before that she has one of the most intense orgasm's from the Hitachi and you know she's going to get one as soon as she leaves this fuck session. They all want one after. The scene continues with Jay prepping our little slut with various but plugs and sure enough another O. She's enjoying this and after getting that incredible BJ he makes her eat his ass, and what an ass probing it was! This girl is enthusiastic I'm telling you. Like she hadn't eaten in days! It's was a sight to behold and she does it with such enthusiasm! Really it's awesome! Ok. So the video's half over and she's about to get that cock up her fuck hole... Yea there's that much sucking and rimming but trust me it's epic. If it's too much for you just scrub through it. Personally I love having my ass eaten. But hey, that's me. So at the exact round number of 57:47 into the video she gets that cock FINALLY up her asshole in doggy, and from her screaming and facial expressions I wished it were me administering the pounding. There's something about redheads. They just like to fuck and can't say no. Love it. Next Rose is on her back counting ceiling tiles as she gets worked in her pussy by the JJay this go round. But don't worry all you anal lovers, He doesn't spend much time in her baby factory before shoving it up her out slot again. Oh yea and just when you think it's over Jay jumps up and sits on her face while she probes his nether region for pay dirt ONE-MORE-TIME! She loves eating ass or is just a pleaser I guess. Of course Jay finishes Rose off in his signature side spoon and then unloads a massive facial that she just gobbles up. Hey, Thanksgiving was last month, Gobble Gobble. Well, we haven't had a redhead in months here at ExCoGi and Rose was just the super slut to break that dry spell and usher in the new year with an ASS BANG we think. So HAPPY NEW YEAR redhead lovers and I hope you will love the update. Happy flapping!!! Steve
FIRST ANAL EVER! Here is Fiona Sprouts 2nd scene losing her Anal cherry, yes her First Anal Ever, to JJay after road head and outdoor sex for this game for anything nympho on the way to the hotel. Fiona loves to change position when her eyelet is being dilated from different positions and without mercy to conclude by discharging an abundant amount of hot cum.
On December 19th , the last day of Autumn 2019, it's only fitting that we present to our fans, 19 year old Autumn in her 1st sex on camera. If you like your girls wholesome and innocent looking Autumn's your cup of tea. But don't let this shy exterior fool you and Autumn's not sure if she's the type of girl that wants to watch herself fuck on video, "But yea... I will probably watch it", she says as we get to know her more on the way to the hotel. Autumn's mannerisms for sure are shy, with that "hesitant / reluctance" vibe going on about her. But she confesses that after her friend Candi (Ashley Manson), last weeks update was here and had such a good time, she decided she would take the plunge and take a cock on camera with us. "I just want to have a good time", she explains as...
Hi! I'm 20 year old Candi, your sweet treat for this week. Of course you are dear and as so many of our newbies before Candi has changed her name in the few weeks since her shoot and is now Ashley Manson. But we like Candi and the taste of that better. So Candi is experienced, yet inexperienced, we find out during today's interrogation, I mean interview. As we probe into Candi we find out she has a head for business; convincing her "BF" that flying off to fuck some random guy on film is "Strictly Business". Of course it is. I'm sure he'll feel it's just business as Jake thrusts his stimulus package up our newbie's pussy. We also find out she likes ...
The face of an angel and the sex drive of a street whore, 19 year old Autumn is exactly what the doctor prescribed. Supposedly without a boyfriend for 2 years (yeah right!), Autumn doesn't mind that in addition to getting paid for her first b/g shoot, she also gets to play with TC's big cock. She admits to being nervous, and even says this whole porno thing is awkward. That's ok, she'll get used to it (*see notes at the end*. But she does seem pretty excited about sucking and fucking some strange dick for a change. In fact, getting fucked hard today seems to be just as important as making rent.
When we first laid our eyes on 18 yr old Alexandra Rose, we thought there must have been some sort of mistake because this girl appears to be way too young to be showing up to some random hotel to fuck a stranger for cash. Didn't your parents teach you about "stranger danger" dear? So after triple checking her ID's we were relieved that this unbelievably innocent looking newbie was legal and ripe to get her fuck hole exploited and show everyone she's not so goody to shoes. What we didn't expect was that underneath that school-girl uniform and shy smile was a little SUB girl who would do anything she was told, and I do mean anything!! So yeah, we were pretty
Good things cum in small packages, and 18yr old small package Ava Dior certainly is something good the JJay can cum in. Now believe it or not, this is Ava?s first white boy and she?s just a bit excited, and nervous, to slip her hat over this white boys cock today. ?I feel like I have the weight of the entire white world on my shoulders?, declares JJay as we get to know Ava a bit better. It?s during the makeup and interview we reveal that this is actually her second scene and the day before we ambushed her with a BBC over at our network site but don?t fret, there are plenty of firsts for Ava today for her first ever white cock.
I know the World's a pretty shitty place right now, but 19 year old young and willing Skyler we hope will be just that vice to help you through your tough week. Now Skyler is a friend of fan favorite Ellie aka Hazel Moore and Ellie is the girl Skyler mentions in her interview as being the girl she first hooked up with and they licked each other's pussies while at one of their dorm parties. You will just love how shy and presumed innocent this girl is as she talks about what she likes sexually with that beautiful smile, supple lips and braces. During this hot conversation we find out that innocent teen beauty Skyler has never used sex toys before and Jake introduced her to the wonderful would of the Hitachi. "OH MY GOD... OH FUCK. OH THAT FEELS GREAT!", exhales Skyer as her new favorite way to masturbate brings her to her first of 6 O's of the day. And the ...
Here is 19yr old 1 st timer Isabelle Ryan in her debut scene showing her goods to the world with fan favorite Amina Fara. This girl has a knockout body and SPECTACULAR tits, and I mean SPECTACULAR! This girl is not so innocent but oh so slutty and the JJay puts her through the paces as she sucks her first cock and licks her first slit on camera. This scene is hot and you know we brought her back to exploit all her holes on Who doesn't love getting their cock sucked by 2 gorgeous girls! Enjoy!
Everyone. This scene was just so fucking long & good that we tried to trim down the footage to a reasonable length scene and finally came to the conclusion that we need to release all, or most, of it and to do so would to be best done in 2 parts. Today's video, or PART 1, is of the BTS, Toy play and BJ. It alone is 1:05:36 in length. The remaining 0:40:04 minutes of the scene is of the incredible fucking between Chanel and Jake Adams and will be posted 2 days later on Saturday Aug 31, 2019. Going forward, when scenes are so long and good that it warrants 2 parts, we will release PART 1 on the Tuesday prior to the Thursday's update and PART 2 on the regular Thursday. Chanel's video could just not be completed in time and we apologize for the mishap in release dates. That being said, I really hope you enjoy PART 1. I know you will enjoy PART 2 on Saturday.