Zazie Skymm feels so sick but luckily her room mate Nikki is looking after her. Being stuck in bed is just boring. But as she feels hot and sweaty anyway she tries to get some rest and has an amazing naughty dream. It feels so realistic that she does not know if she is still dreaming or if she really has Nikki's big dick inside of her wet pussy right now...
Stacy Bloom has found herself so incredibly bored with her boyfriend Nick lately... She has had to pleasure herself, how lame! At least he's trying to spice things up now. She's hoping he can fuck her as good as he used to... So that everything returns to normal, receiving everything she wants ...
Luna Silver cannot believe her mom sent her to do such a boring job! Selling an eight million dollar home is not what she had in mind for today, she has no clue how the house works at all! Well, Nick might wants to have some fun after all if he gets bored of looking at the house... there's definitely something else for him to look at. Luna heard it's important to let people try before they buy, let's hope Nick is into this experience.
People think marriage is boring, but it's not! I make it a lot of fun... My hot husband Nick is such an amazing manager and husband, he can get really stressed out! I know just what will relax him, that's my job after all... He's the manager at work but let's just say that at home I'm the one who is in control.
Stella Cardo and Stephan are having their first trip together and can admit that it is a very big step in their relationship. Stella has never been so crazy about anyone else before, she cannot wait to be alone with him in a hotel room for hours on end. Waking up next to him makes her so horny, she cannot get enough of him. She has all day to suck and fuck Stephan until she cant anymore!
Angelika Grays thought she would surprise her boyfriend Nick with a nutritious breakfast in the morning. She puts on her sexiest apron and prepares the yummiest food and serves it to him as he wakes up, he is so grateful he repays her with something equally tasteful.
Minori H really likes Kristof but fears that he's just not that into her. She thought that they would start fucking as soon as they became roommates but she was dead wrong. Nothing she does makes him horny and she has tried everything...EVERYTHING. She wonders if she takes her clothes off in front of him, what will happen? The door is wide open. ;)
Daniel gifts his girlfriend, Paula Shy a mask for their anniversary, he's hoping it will spice their sex lives up a little. He helps her put it on before guiding her to her knees and putting his hard cock into his mouth, she gets his cock nice and wet and rides him until he's ready to burst. Paula gets back on her knees and sucks on Daniel's juicy cock until he cums all over her face. The mask is just what they needed for the night.
Natalia Queen is so entranced by the poolboy. She is hoping she can get his attention if she lays by the pool in her cute plad skirt and crop top. Logan, is cleaning the pool and minding his business until he spots her. He cannot keep his eyes off her imagining what sex with Natalia would be like. She begins flirting with him, one thing leading to another and Natalia leads Logan to her room, finally fulfilling both their fantasies.
It's already been two years and Marcello has not been helping me at all. I need to have an orgasm and therapy has not been doing the trick. It's probably because Marcello is so distracting, he's so sexy. Maybe I have been going about this all wrong, I've been lying on this couch all by myself talking. It's time for some action, let's put some of this hard work to test I'm finally ready for an orgasm and I think Marcello actually is the therapist I needed all along.
Sexy Apolonia and her man love sharing a spirit or two... not only because of the taste, but because it always puts them in the mood... and this time is no exception. Apolonia loves to have her sweet, beautiful pussy paid attention to and Nick knows just what to do... and loves doing it because he knows how hot it makes her... something he will benefit from very soon. :) Apolonia loves how his finger and tongue feel on her sensitive pussy.
Jay and Julia Roca love being outdoors... especially the beach... something about the salt air and the rush of the waves that makes them feel alive and free... and excited. So excited that they can't control themselves and decide to share that excitement with each other... naked. :) It is always a thrill when these two come together, but it's an even bigger thrill to come together where others might see them. They're so into each other though that once they're into each other, everything else fades away.