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Josie Tucker listens to a podcast which tells her how to test if her boyfriend is her ideal man. After testing his strength, intelligence and obedience, it’s time for the final test: cock size! Juan passes with flying colors so Josie tells him he’ll be the perfect daddy and immediately starts sucking him! While fucking her silly, Juan is about to cum so he pulls out, but Josie wants a creampie so she hops on his cock and fucks him until she gets what she wants!
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Josie Tucker feels strange lately so she goes to Dr. Steele for check up. After listening to her lungs and heart, he feels everything is looking good but since she also feeling horny, she pretends her vagina is troubling her. Dr. Steele recommends having sex and stretching out her pussy but she has a better plan, making HIM treat her right then and there in his office.
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Josie Tucker stops by to watch movies at her friend's place and her friend's brother, Diego, is there as well. Josie's friend is still not home though, so Josie and Diego start the movie watching without her, but since they have some time alone for a bit Josie and Diego decide that it would be more fun to fuck instead of watching some lame movie.
Wake up! What are you doing in my bed? I told you to stop taking naps in my bed. That’s what your bed is for… And why would you be naked in your big step sister’s bed? That’s gross. Why are you such a little weirdo? Hold on a second, I want to look at it for a second.. Don’t worry about that….