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Jenny Wild has her boyfriend Stanley take photos of her, he thinks she looks so sexy in her new lingerie he puts the phone down and begins to kiss her. Jenny gives Stanley a sloppy blow job on the couch before he puts his thick cock inside her filling her up completely.
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Charlie comes home and finds that his girlfriend Helena H had been up all night. He carefully takes off her clothes from the night before and tucks her in. Helena wakes up and sees that Charlie has taken such good care of her and wants to repay him so she crawls over to where he's sitting and puts her hands all over his cock letting him know how thankful she truly is.
Nicole Vice sneaks into Peter's room in her nicest lingerie and begins to masturbate next to him while he sleeps. He wakes up, startled and she strokes his big hard cock to let him know there is nothing to worry about. Nicole puts her mouth on his cock and sucks until he's ready to turn her over and put his dick deep inside of her.
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Bubbly brunette Sybil runs from Charlie as he attempts to tickle her. She giggles and falls onto the couch as he grabs onto her small feet and tickles her soles, she scoots away and then stretches her legs out placing her feet onto his cock. It's always a pleasure to use your feet to spice things up! ;)
Katy Rose cannot believe how attractive Nick is, it is making her sooo horny! Katy does not want him to know how wild she really is, it is only the first date after all. She hopes he comes back wanting more after their first date... She surprises him with only lingerie under her coat and cannot wait to get his massive cock in her mouth. She really really hopes he feels the same way.
Zazie Skymm feels so sick but luckily her room mate Nikki is looking after her. Being stuck in bed is just boring. But as she feels hot and sweaty anyway she tries to get some rest and has an amazing naughty dream. It feels so realistic that she does not know if she is still dreaming or if she really has Nikki's big dick inside of her wet pussy right now...
Stacy Bloom has found herself so incredibly bored with her boyfriend Nick lately... She has had to pleasure herself, how lame! At least he's trying to spice things up now. She's hoping he can fuck her as good as he used to... So that everything returns to normal, receiving everything she wants ...
Luna Silver cannot believe her mom sent her to do such a boring job! Selling an eight million dollar home is not what she had in mind for today, she has no clue how the house works at all! Well, Nick might wants to have some fun after all if he gets bored of looking at the house... there's definitely something else for him to look at. Luna heard it's important to let people try before they buy, let's hope Nick is into this experience.
People think marriage is boring, but it's not! I make it a lot of fun... My hot husband Nick is such an amazing manager and husband, he can get really stressed out! I know just what will relax him, that's my job after all... He's the manager at work but let's just say that at home I'm the one who is in control.