Today's casting candidate Bree is 22 years old and an exotic dancer… that’s a fancy way of saying she’s a stripper. This girl is a super hot tall drink of water who looks great in her flowing romper thing she’s wearing. Bree really does have a bit of a leg up on the competition coming from the stripper ranks, she doesn’t seem to be too nervous. You'll notice she really has this certain confidence about her I kinda dig. We get to know her a little bit, and then get her out of that pretty red romper. Like I mentioned before, she's tall, fit and eager like a beaver. She has zero issue playing with herself and she even lets me push that butt plug in. I’m pretty sure she loves sucking cock, because she does a great job on mine. She makes it all sexy and sultry, and sloppy. After that, I fuck her all over the office. Next I get to work fucking her ass and she takes it like a trooper. Then she does some sexy smiling ass to mouth and a couple little gapes before I unload in her asshole. Finally, just to see how far she’s willing to go, we have her taste some of that sweet baby batter that she just squeezed out of her ass. Her performance is so incredible that I know you'll be seeing more of her in the future.
This week we’ve got another medical assistant student type. Blonde hottie Chloe is actually in school to be a dental assistant. Being a student doesn’t pay well from what I’ve been told, so naturally Chloe is here to take some dick (though she doesn’t know) for her chance to make some real money. I mean if you think about it, being a dental assistant is kinda like being in porn. You put your fingers inside someone for money, but today I'm gonna be putting stuff in her haha. She’s pretty apprehensive at first and surprisingly naive. She legit has no clue she’s about to get fucked. She’s fun and bubbly though, just how I like ‘em. We start by having her get naked and hand to god, those are some of the best tits I’ve ever seen! No joke; in the dictionary next to the word, “Tits,” should be a picture of those things. We get her completely naked, and put her back on the couch with a toy. She gets really wet. Like really really wet, you’ll see a lot of that girl cum. Then she sucks my dick like a blue ribbon winner would, the split screen we work in showing her ass and pussy while she’s sucking my cock is fantastic, you’re really gonna love it. Next, I throw her on the desk and get to work pounding that pretty pussy. We get some desk work, some chair work, some floor work. After that, she rides me on the couch which transitions to the side spoon position where I finally unload a week's worth of cum in that thang. She gets a nice drippy creampie she seems to enjoy. When we're all done with her, she realizes she should have done some sort of negotiating BEFORE putting dicks in her mouth. Her demeanor changes (but only slightly) when she finds out she isn’t getting paid. She gets dressed and she’s on her way… Oh yeah, I really did keep her underwear, they’re hanging from my lamp as I type this description.
La camarera de 19 años, Rebecca, no puede beber legalmente las cosas que sirve en el trabajo, por lo que ha soportado las ganas de tomarse una copa mientras trabaja. Confiada, Rebecca nos dice que, debido a que tiene un aspecto tan estupendo (sus palabras) y le encanta ver porno, meterse en el negocio del esperma podría ser una opción bien lucrativa para ella. Aunque tenemos que aclarar qué significa realmente "trabajos de modelado para adultos" ...
24yo curvaceous, compliant Bess is the next lucky contestant on the Back Room Casting Couch. We've had a lot of requests for thicker girls lately, so when Bess applied, we were quick to approve her application. This girl is some men's dream woman: Beautiful red hair, sweet personality, huge tits and thick. First, she comes in wearing a lovely white flowing dress, which we get off post-haste. But not before we have her answer all our questions. Next, she's asked to start off the demo tape by masturbating. We let her know the producers need to see more, so she's told that she's required to give me head. This is where she truly shows her appetite for cock. Then, I rail her every which way on the desk, couch and floor. After that, she takes my cock in her ass like the good girl she is. I gape her asshole, pile drive her and make her taste my cock straight outta the booty. Finally, I finish her off with a huge facial and have her answer more questions with my cum dripping down her chin. I love girls willing to go the extra mile for a job and wish more girls were as compliant and easy going as Bess.
Hot blonde stripper Raine likes to watch porn so she isn't too surprised when TC talks her into doing her first anal. Anything to impress those producers, right? What surprises me though is how well she takes his big cock in her ass. And for so long! Oh, and you anal creampie fans - you're welcome. Not the most visual ass creampie ever but we're getting there. The contest to become America's!
21 year old smiley, giggley Scarlett is super fuckin’ hot! She’s got a great body, and in my opinion the perfect personality for porn - you’ll see what I mean. Scarlett is here today because she’s tired of delivering food on her bicycle to drunken frat guys. She tells us it’s been a little less than a year since she’s lost her virginity (!!!) and she’s ready to play. When we interview her, she plays it kinda coy and naive with her answers, but has a ton of great stories. Next, we have her get naked. When she takes off that sundress you'll see that this girl knows how to show off her goods by teasing the camera a bit. Then, we have her get back on the couch, give her a toy and let her have at it. Scarlett clearly has a good time, but after that, it's my turn to have fun.. which starts by her getting on her knees and suckin’ my cock! For someone who’s semi-new to sex ,she does a really good job slobbin’ my knob. I proceed to rail her all over the office. Missionary, doggy, riding, reverse, she gets the whole kit and caboodle. Her pussy is so fresh it’s still got the new car smell! Finally, I fill her womb all the way up with my fresh jizz. She still hadn't cum yet, so I hand her the vibrator and she gets herself off with my load dripping out of her. Great scene and great girl! Scarlett the starlet will do well in the industry!
This week on the Casting Couch, we have 25 year old, married MILF Anna. That’s right a married M I L F. She’s even wearing her wedding ring… lol. Can you believe that shit? This woman wants to get into porn, so she shows up to the casting wearing her wedding ring. It just blows my mind. Supposedly the hubby knows and he’s cool with it as she states, “He doesn’t want to have to work anymore” again, LAUGH OUT LOUD. There’s something about this whole scenario I find hot. She’s visibly nervous during the interview in her cute sun dress. You can see her fidgeting and playing with her ring. She's anxious, but wants to see if she has what it takes. So we have her peel off her dress revealing some pretty nifty titties. She gets down on her knees and blows me really well. I fuck her over the desk, on the couch and then on the floor. Finally, we have her put her glasses back on, so I can blast her face properly with my cum, which she seems to enjoy. Watch the way she rubs my cum all in! I’ve never really seen anyone do that before. She could have a promising porn career one day if she hooks up with an agent. Either way, it's back home to the hubs and kids she goes.
27 year old Jackie is the next lovely lady to grace the beautiful black couch. Jackie is fresh and ready to do what it takes to get hired. She’s got a great rack and is super flexible, so I had some fun with this one. Jackie comes in wearing a sexy red dress, which we dispose of after a few questions. She loves playing with the toys and is pretty excited when I pull out my cock. She does everything we tell her to do in addition to giving me an A+ blowjibber. I first start by fucking her pussy on the desk, but with a girl as willing and eager as this I decide to go hybrid and get right to fucking her ass AND pussy back and forth. Next, I take turns working each one of her holes in various positions. She’s a biiiig fan of getting her ass fucked in the pile driver position (TWO THUMBS UP!). Then, I decide I wanna nut in her pussy, so I do. I fill that tight snatch with a ton of cum and she gets a nice little taste off my belly. Finally, we send her on her way!
We have another spectacular girl next door, cutie with a booty for you! Journey has beautiful long red hair and a sparkling personality. This girl has a certain je ne sais quoi about her. I can’t really put my finger on it, but everything about her really surprised me. Also, she was apparently a film major in school, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t prepare her for this type of film work. After we get her on the couch and she tells us her story, we have her get naked. Next, she gives us a great solo masturbation show which leads to my cock in her mouth and we’re off to the race. She does really well getting fucked all around the office. When it's time for anal, she’s a little nervous about getting fucked in the butt, but you'll see that her fears are quickly replaced by ecstasy. Ass to mouth, gaping, she does the whole shebang. She’s almost ready for that close up Mr. Demille, then I blast my load in her tight little asshole. Finally, it’s time for the next part of her journey, the walk of shame. Can you imagine getting dressed, leaving WITHOUT a paycheck and feeling my load drip out of you for the rest of the day? Couldn’t be me. - Cam
Cada casting es un mar de posibilidades: ¿Aceptará la chica o se irá a casa? A veces aceptan en un principio, pero... ¿hasta dónde llegará? Hoy le toca el turno a Lexii, una cajera de supermercado de 22 años de edad, desde el primer momento admite que le gusta el anal! En la conversación previa comenta que tiene algunas fantasías sexuales, entre ellas participar en un gangbang. Pero eso debe esperar, porque primero debe pasar una prueba de fuego junto al productor de turno, el encargado de someterle en todos los sentidos que os podáis imaginar, Lexii es guapa de cara, y tiene un culo para reventarlo a pollazos!
Welcome the lovely, voluptuous Rory to the couch this week! I gotta be honest with you friends, I’m about to gush. This chick is crazy cute, curvy and to date one of THE BEST castings I’ve been a part of. I almost feel bad not giving this girl any money after she came in ready to wow the producers. From the moment she walks in the door she’s ready to do whatever it takes to get this job. She’s smiley, down to earth, and a straight up nympho. She kills the interview portion and has Rick and I just cracking up. Things only get better when we start to get those clothes off… spoiler alert: she’s wearing a bodysuit and bodysuits drive me wiiiiiiiilllllllddddd! With the gusto she gets her clothes off, shows us her lady bits and proceeds to masturbate like she’s on her own couch. You’ll see as soon as she sits down her pussy is already absolutely soaked. She uses some toys, a butt plug, the whole nine yards. She even seems happy and excited when she finds out she’s gotta start by sucking my cock. Lucky me... Seriously! She slurps and works my rod, wiggles her little ass and can’t wait to get railed on the desk. Check out her facial expressions as I’m pounding her ass over the desk, those eyes, that ass, amazing!. Next, I throw her over the arm of the couch and get in her ass. She uses toys on her clit while I'm stretching that very tiny asshole out. I make her taste her ass and ride me on the floor before I swap holes and unload in her wet wet pussy. Without hesitation she tastes that baby batter that dripped out on my tum-tum. I’ve said it a few times before, but this is one of those girls I kinda wish we did have some work for, she’d do well, but this isn’t that site and we’re not those dudes.
One of my all time favorites is back! Sexy little Sammi really really wants some work, and she knows what she has to do to get it. I gotta say, personally I was beyond stoked for her to come back, and she did not disappoint. She's a little less nervous this time of course as she has a better idea about what’s going to happen. We bring her in, put her on the couch and get right into it. She’s wearing this hot bodysuit skirt combo and it’s just driving me wild, so we waste no time and get her naked quick. I think the main thing I love about this chick so much is her bubbly and smiley personality. Also, she has no reservations on being the dirty little slut she is. So we get her naked, and have her start warming herself up. I’m so excited to get this started I go ahead and start fucking her right there on the couch. She gets it in the vag for a couple positions before the moment we’ve all been waiting for arrives! I bend her little ass over the desk and get to work. Surprisingly she handles it like a champ, and I fuck that little ass like the world is gonna end. She absolutely loves it. We get some great penetration, some great gapes, some amazing ass to mouth, and our gal is just loving every second of it. She literally can’t get enough. I finish off the day by switching from ass to pussy and filling her up with a nice creampie. We give her a plan-B cocktail and send her on her way for good this time.