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Two stepmoms, Rachael Cavalli and Aiden Ashley, are enjoying a rare romantic night alone while their stepdaughter, Lily Larimar, is away at a slumber party. They begin making out, but are interrupted by a door slamming. Lily barges in, looking upset and saying that she left the slumber party after her friends teased her for not knowing much about sex. The stepmoms are concerned and sympathetic ...
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Aiden Ashley is trying to have a great anniversary; she cleaned the house has the gardeners cleaning up the yard and even hired a personal chef to cook for her and the hubby. But when she calls to find out what time he will be home she is told that he’s out to lunch with his wife. Aiden is furious but two can play at that game, she tells the chef the meal plans have changed now his cock is on the menu and to get up to her bedroom now because she is hungry.
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What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, the whole gang has been invited to a costume party. They brainstorm about what they can do for a family getup and decide on an old cartoon. Hime Marie wants to be the crime fighting puppy and she thinks her swap brother, Kyle Mason, will look great as her scruffy handler. That leaves the preppy chick for swap mom Aiden Ashley and the preppy guy for swap dad Mike Mancini. While Hime is getting flirty with her swap brother, her swap parents lecture them about boundaries. Despite the admonition from Aiden and Mike, the family is otherwise thrilled with the idea of going ahead with their group...
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