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Adria Rae is quite interested when realtor Chuck knocks on her door offering to sell her condo for nearly double what she paid for it... and she's even more interested in having some fun with him while her husband is away. Chuck can't believe his eyes when Adria gets naked and rubs her pussy in front of him, and he's eager to satisfy her with not one but two loads. Getting the listing is just a bonus!
The first of the month has come and gone, and Skylar Vox doesn't have the rent, so she asks her roommate, Tony Rubino, to cover her. Skylar tells Tony she twisted her ankle so couldn't work her job as a dancer, but Tony counters by pointing out this is the sixth time she's done this in two years. Skylar storms out of the room, but soon returns wearing nothing but white panties, showing Tony her huge tits. Asking Tony if they can make a deal, Skylar strokes his cock, then gives him a sensual blowjob. Tony agrees to sex for rent, and Skylar climbs on his dick, bouncing her ass up and down while riding him. After he makes her cum, Tony covers Skylar with a facial.
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Realtor Chuck has a life-changing offer for this homeowner: double the value of her house! But high-powered, blonde lawyer Kate Dalia doesn't want to let the home her family built get sold for just money. Chuck sweetens the offer by promising to give this workaholic the kind of orgasm she's been missing out on for months. Kate's intrigued when he tells her how good he is with his fingers and tongue, so Chuck puts his mouth where his money is and eats her pussy, then dicks her down before they dicker about the house. Will Chuck make the sale?
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