Sometimes, Zoey Laine is step-dad is a winner. When he wins, he wins big. Just look at Zoey's dance studio! She earned that after a big win. However, today, Zoey's step-dad is a big, fat loser. He's got to break the news to Zoey, which is when The Crew rolls in. They're there to collect. Money. Lots of money. Of course Zoey's step dad doesn't have it, and right before he's about to get the beat down of his life, Zory Laine comes to the rescue. She does a great job of turning the attention to her, and it comes in the form of a tight, barely-legal body; a wet, willing mouth; and a tight, tight cunt.
Natasha Nice likes to keep her pool clean. Really clean. If you think it's because she wants to swim in a very clean're wrong. Her pool cleaning service is owned by a handsome black man named Flash, and for years she's used his service. As his business grows and he gets more and more employees, Flash would like to stay in the office just to manage it. Natasha isn't having that. She likes to flirt with Flash as he works, even going as far as to sunbathe nude while he's cleaning.
Daizy Cooper is a self-proclaimed "nerd". She loves reading, she's a gamer, and she loves anything to do with science! And it's a big day in America! A total eclipse of the sun!! Daizy has her whole day planned: she's invited a white boy she's crushing on, and they're going to put on the special glasses and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But there's a problem. Her "friend" doesn't care about anything...beyond Daizy's ebony, nineteen-year-old cunt.
Dogfart pool gotta love 'em! Last one featured Casey Calvert taking 11 hung bulls directly in the shit pipe. Today, Stella Cox shows up for her pool party, and once in the suit she brought along, or crew of Black Bulls sends her back to change once more...this time in the swimsuit they have for her, as well as a pair of heels. Stella's not too sure, but she certainly doesn't want to spoil the fun.
¡Orgía interracial bestial! La impresionante Lexi Lowe abre las puerta de una tienda de juguetes eróticos donde le siguen hasta media docena de negros dispuestos a follársela, pero vamos por partes que el vídeo tiene miga, el tema es que los chicos se ponen en fila india, esperando su turno para enchufarle la manguera a la rubia, que empieza dejándose follar el coño, hasta que decide abrir su culo para la ocasión, dejando unos primeros planos anales acojonantes! Os podría dar muchísimos más detalles de la orgía, pero es mejor que la veáis con vuestros propios ojos!
Natasha Nice is a Supreme Cuckoldress, and today's Cuckold Session shows off her awesome skills. Just look at the way she handles not one -- but two -- sissy bois. The first round of mental fuckery begins when the cucks think they're going to fuck a girl...which, they are. Once they blow her up! Natasha has her sissies take turns face fucking and fingering the blow up doll before it's warm-up time. Natasha is such a giving Cuckoldress! Round two includes sweet Natasha allowing her sissies to warm up both holes with their tongues, even though it bores her to tears! Thank goodness that's when The Bulls arrive.
Adriana Chechik is married to a billionaire. He developed one of the most popular apps for mobile phones, and there's a chance you may know his real name. What you don't know, however, is the name Adriana calls him: "Slave Fluffy". Or, if she's in a good mood, simply Fluffy. Fluffy is a cuckold. He's used his vast fortunes to maintain quite a lifestyle: his beautiful home, his beautiful wife, as well as satisfying his beautiful wife in any way possible. This is how a guy like Fluffy scores a wife like Adriana Chechik!
Check out Jojo Kiss and her man, Damien. What freaks! They're in the bathroom, scheming together on how Jojo will seduce and fuck Damien's personal trainer, Jax, while Damien watches. Damien doesn't care if he has to peer through the porch window, or get close up to watch the muscled, black bull have his way with Jojo! Of course he'd prefer to be as close as possible (which happens), and he'd prefer his lady to get railed (which happens), and because he's so freaky, he wants to make sure Jojo gets cleaned up after the black bull makes his mess.
Teanna Trump and her man are having a guest house built on their property, and they've hired Lockwood & Associates to build it. The good news? The work crew are ahead of schedule and under budget. The bad news? Teanna and her man didn't get the loan they had hoped for, so they're back out trying to secure another one. How are the guys going to get paid in the meantime? To be honest, Teanna's not sure...and since her man is out of town on business.
Melody Parker y River Fox, que son rubias y apenas mayores de edad, y están aquí hoy por una razón: para satisfacer a una Leyenda. Entra Mandingo ... y su monstruosa polla! Pero antes de que "Dingo" entrara en la habitación, ¡observa cómo las chicas se calientan mutuamente, usando sus habilidades orales en los coños húmedos! Por supuesto, esto ayudará a las dos jóvenes a acomodar la enorme polla de Dingo, que es muy duro para cuando ambas chicas trabajen sobre su polla de gran tamaño y
Si eres hijo de padres divorciados, sabes cómo mamá y papá intentan "unirse" mutuamente en los regalos y las experiencias que recibes. Tome Piper Perri, por ejemplo. Hace unos meses, su padre pagó una sesión en un estudio profesional de grabación para que avance su carrera musical. Una vez que mamá se enteró de esto, Alura Jenson decidió pagar por una nueva "Ink". Una vez dentro del salón de tatuajes, la charla fue de dónde poner el nuevo "tatuaje" de Piper, a lo grande que eran las manos del artista del tatuaje ... a la especulación sobre el tamaño de su polla.
Día de chicas. ¿Alguna vez imaginó cómo sería? De compras y bebiendo Mojitos y chismes? ¿Qué pasa si tropiezan con una oportunidad de ser "traviesas"? Ingrese Brooklyn Chase y Chanel Preston: están fuera de si y planifican su "día de las niñas" cuando se encuentran en una librería para adultos. ¡Mira cómo Brooklyn arrastra a Chanel a la tienda! Y una vez adentro, ¡sus ojos están tan abiertos como sus bocas!