Emma Starletto is halfway through her journey of liberation when she runs into a group of sweet hipster hippies: Chanel Camryn, Aria Lee and Joshua. The three take her under their wing and teach her the concept of Free Love, something forbidden in her conservative community. Emma feels like she finally found her tribe, but she gets an unsettling letter from her stepfather, urging her to come back. If she doesn’t, her family will lose their farm along with the rest of their land. Emma is thinking of going back, but not before truly having a liberating experience. With the help of her new friends, she will learn the ways of pleasure by having amazing group sex with Chanel, Joshua, and Aria.
nna is a foreign exchange student from Ukraine who is new to the school. Callie and Katie quickly befriend her and help her become popular by setting her up with a hot popular boy from school. When Nicky comes in to have a good time with Khloe Kapri, Callie Black and Anna Kovanchenko join the party to have fun with their new friend. The three gorgeous babes play with Nicky’s cock as well as each others’ bodies in an intense fuck session.
Kicking in the new year is all about excitement, celebration, and making your dreams come alive. With 2023 on the horizon, Clara Trinity, Willow Ryder and Ameena Green are still working to achieve their current resolutions. Juan also needs to complete his resolution, which, miraculously, is to fuck three hot chicks simultaneously! The three friends think they know how they can all accommodate one another and settle their resolutions in one go.
When Donnie suspects his wife is cheating, he enlists the help of Skeet Private Eye, the only detectives who can help him now. Octavia Red, Jasmine Wilde and Lily Starfire get to work, and it doesn’t take long to confirm Donnie’s suspicions. When they show him the evidence, he is heartbroken, so the girls come together to make Donnie feel better. They whip out their tits and put them in Donnie’s face, tempting him to give his wife a taste of her own medicine.
Soccer girls Freya von Doom, Macy Meadows and Violet Gems are hot for Sergeant Miles, their new coach. At the field, they goof around, flashing their boobs and teasing each other. After soccer practice, the three best friends invite the coach to watch the first USA soccer game against Wales in Qatar’s World Cup together. But things start to get hot and heavy when the game starts because the lusty gals compete for the love of the coach to try and win the captain spot of the soccer team. After separately sucking his cock when the other two are not watching, they realize the only solution is to get completely naked and put their pussies to his service.
Best friends Penelope Woods, Tommy King and Sonny Mckinley are taking a drawing class but when they welcome their model they’re surprised to learn it’s a guy named Joshua! They decide to go ahead and make him pose nude for them but when he drops his pants they can’t believe how big his dick is! Soon enough all three of them drop their pencils so they can fully focus on sucking Joshua’s cock!
Alyx Star, Aviana Violet and Bella Blu are three evil, kinky babes that like to lure men into their home and drain their balls. Their next victim is Brad, who walks into the house only to be tied to the bed and blindfolded! Before he knows it, he’s surrounded by titties, ass and pussy, and he’s making them all moan with pleasure!
Macy Meadows, Destiny Cruz and Alexia Anders are three coffee baristas preparing some new drinks for their boss Brad to try. When Brad is not entirely satisfied with the results, Alexia takes it upon herself to serve him something a little bit naughtier. Soon Brad has all three girls kneeling at his feet and sucking his cock!
Hazel Moore, Destiny Cruz and Naudi Nala desperately need basketball tips, so they seek the help of John, the school’s ex-basketball captain. John’s tips prove to be more difficult than the girls expected, and they work up quite a sweat from the drills. Destiny, Naudi, and Hazel want to cool down, and the three friends couldn’t be more excited to show John how they typically beat the heat.
Ava Sinclaire, Alice Marie and Stevie Moon have fun on the internet using a photo of a supermodel to talk to guys. But things get complicated when David, one of the guys they’re talking to, wants to meet up. When they agree, David is surprised to find he was never speaking to a supermodel but instead to three nerdy chicks. He doesn’t seem to mind and explains he’s actually super into geeky babes –– David’s wildest dreams are about to come true.
When Lily Thot’s best friends Brooke Johnson and Kitty Cam tell her all about their sugardaddy David, she’s a little unsure about the whole idea. David likes to have them over dressed in slutty maid outfits and cleaning the house while he helps himself to their pussies! After a little warming up, Lilly is convinced and joins her bestfriends while sucking David’s huge cock!
Krissy Knight is nervous because she wants to go all the way with her boyfriend Victor. She’s scared of disappointing him on her first time, but her BFFs Lacy Tate and Cherry Fae won’t let that happen. They help teach Krissy the ropes through a BFFs self-exploration session until Victor stumbles in. Touched by his girlfriend’s gesture, he gives in to her desire of losing her virginity to him and her two best friends.