Ava Sinclaire, Alice Marie and Stevie Moon have fun on the internet using a photo of a supermodel to talk to guys. But things get complicated when David, one of the guys they’re talking to, wants to meet up. When they agree, David is surprised to find he was never speaking to a supermodel but instead to three nerdy chicks. He doesn’t seem to mind and explains he’s actually super into geeky babes –– David’s wildest dreams are about to come true.
When Lily Thot’s best friends Brooke Johnson and Kitty Cam tell her all about their sugardaddy David, she’s a little unsure about the whole idea. David likes to have them over dressed in slutty maid outfits and cleaning the house while he helps himself to their pussies! After a little warming up, Lilly is convinced and joins her bestfriends while sucking David’s huge cock!
Krissy Knight is nervous because she wants to go all the way with her boyfriend Victor. She’s scared of disappointing him on her first time, but her BFFs Lacy Tate and Cherry Fae won’t let that happen. They help teach Krissy the ropes through a BFFs self-exploration session until Victor stumbles in. Touched by his girlfriend’s gesture, he gives in to her desire of losing her virginity to him and her two best friends.
When best friends Mae Milano, Callie Black and Lacy Tate rent an airbnb they find another occupant, Peter, in the house. Turns out the place got accidentally double-booked so the girls decide to let this guy stay for one night and proceed to get to know him. Peter ends up sweet talking the girls, so much so that in no time he has all three on their knees tending to his hard cock!
Maya Woulfe, Chanel Camryn and Samantha Lexi are having a blast playing D&D but aren’t sure how to get past a particularly tricky quest. Fortunately, they devise a plan to seduce the almighty dungeon master, Donnie. The girls land a critical dice roll using their charm and wit, and their tactics work perfectly.
Redhead roommates Holly Molly and Mina Vona D find themselves in quite the predicament while getting ready for a party: they’re both wearing the same dress! Mina’s boyfriend, Jimmy Bud, helps diffuse the situation and convinces her to change into something else, and she agrees, deciding to take a quick shower before. But when Holly loses an earring under the bed and gets stuck while reaching for it, Jimmy creates a new predicament when he mistakes the lookalike for Mina! Jimmy slips his dick inside Holly’s pussy while her ass juts out from under the bed, only for Mina to walk in on them! Although Mina’s pissed off, she can't remain angry at her ashamed and apologetic boyfriend—especially not with his hard cock still throbbing in front of her face! She starts to suck him off and eventually, taking pity on her equally horny roommate, she shares Jimmy’s cock with her in a wild pre-party threesome!
This BFFS update is an extended cut from the Shoot Your Shot movie. Looking to take things off his mind, Nicky ends up in an unexpected foursome with Bella Forbes, Eden West, and Willow Ryder. Willow has a soft spot for Nicky and wants him to be happy again. The three babes fuck and suck to help Nicky forget about Penelope.
Cat burglars Bess Breast, Leana Lovings, Bianca Bangs, are notorious for their robberies, but little to their knowledge, officer Rebel is hot on their tails. When the secret operative catches the three girls in the act, they must think quickly to get themselves out of trouble. Using their best features, the girls' officer Rebel a gift to help him forget he ever saw the
Best friends Kimora Quin, Madi Collins and Chloe Surreal are out on a hike when they realize they’re too far from their place to walk back. Thankfully they stumble upon lucky stud Joshua who offers to give them a ride. Once home, the girls invite Joshua to stay and hang out, and when they find out he’s single the three instantly plot to seduce him and hop on that cock to have a hot foursome!
Nicole Aria, Nadia Noja and Aften Opal are three BFFs who are infatuated with the sugar baby lifestyle. When a surprise DM offers them a chance at auditioning for the role, Aften and Nicole immediately jump on the opportunity. Nadia, on the other hand, is hesitant. But after meeting their potential sugar daddy, they are willing to do anything it takes to be spoiled by him.
Eden West, Fiji Falzz and Lilith Grace hitch a ride with Filthy Rich to the beach—the girls have extravagant plans for April’s most iconic holiday, and they want to bring Mr. Rich along for the ride. Back at his place, he shows the three best friends the time of their lives in preparation for the big fest.
Lola Mai, Ryder Rey, and Mia Kay are hard at work at volleyball practice under the tutelage of Filthy Rich. After training, they head back home for some well-deserved rest, but Lola, Mia, and Ryder have other plans. Filthy awakes to find the girls engaged in an intense threesome in the living room.