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Now that Rory Knox and Octavia Red have successfully escaped Rory’s stepbro, they can finally have some spring break fun. They meet up with Jasmine Wilde and Lucky. The crew wants to head to Florida, but they need some cold hard cash if they’re going to party it up. They initiate a heist to collect the funds they need and manage to make it back to Lucky’s place without being caught. To celebrate, the BFFS show Lucky their appreciation by sucking and riding his cock - this is shaping up to be an unforgettable Spring Break….
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Lilo Mai, Melody Marks, y Alice Pink están entusiasmadas por entrar a esta mansión de la playa que esta vacía y que tanto habian oído hablar. La familia que reside en ella la deja vacía unos pocos meses al año, por lo que se cuelan y disfrutan de la lujosa vida por un tiempo. Pero cuando se ponen en topless para un bronceado sin marcas, nuestro semental aparece y se sorprende por uqe hay intrusos en su propiedad. Su familia es dueña de la casa, ¡y él va a llamar a la policía! Estas chicas piensan rápido, rodeando al semental con sus tetas gordas. Luego, abren la boca para que mantenga la boca cerrada. Ellas engullen su polla y dividen sus labios vaginales para que él las folle en retribución. Eso debería arreglar el malentendido vecinal.
Emma Starletto is halfway through her journey of liberation when she runs into a group of sweet hipster hippies: Chanel Camryn, Aria Lee and Joshua. The three take her under their wing and teach her the concept of Free Love, something forbidden in her conservative community. Emma feels like she finally found her tribe, but she gets an unsettling letter from her stepfather, urging her to come back. If she doesn’t, her family will lose their farm along with the rest of their land. Emma is thinking of going back, but not before truly having a liberating experience. With the help of her new friends, she will learn the ways of pleasure by having amazing group sex with Chanel, Joshua, and Aria.
nna is a foreign exchange student from Ukraine who is new to the school. Callie and Katie quickly befriend her and help her become popular by setting her up with a hot popular boy from school. When Nicky comes in to have a good time with Khloe Kapri, Callie Black and Anna Kovanchenko join the party to have fun with their new friend. The three gorgeous babes play with Nicky’s cock as well as each others’ bodies in an intense fuck session.
Kicking in the new year is all about excitement, celebration, and making your dreams come alive. With 2023 on the horizon, Clara Trinity, Willow Ryder and Ameena Green are still working to achieve their current resolutions. Juan also needs to complete his resolution, which, miraculously, is to fuck three hot chicks simultaneously! The three friends think they know how they can all accommodate one another and settle their resolutions in one go.
When Donnie suspects his wife is cheating, he enlists the help of Skeet Private Eye, the only detectives who can help him now. Octavia Red, Jasmine Wilde and Lily Starfire get to work, and it doesn’t take long to confirm Donnie’s suspicions. When they show him the evidence, he is heartbroken, so the girls come together to make Donnie feel better. They whip out their tits and put them in Donnie’s face, tempting him to give his wife a taste of her own medicine.
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