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It was the day of Aleya Sun’s driving test, and not long after setting off, it was obvious that she wasn't confident behind the wheel. When I told the busty brunette that she hadn’t passed, she suggested we make some sort of deal, and then she reached out to stroke my cock! Once it was hard, Aleya treated me to a long and sloppy blowjob before bending over and inviting me to fuck her from behind doggystyle. Afterwards, we spooned in the backseat, and then I penetrated the curvy slut in missionary position, which gave me a superb view of her big natural tits. The thong-clad babe bounced her shaved pussy on my lap in cowgirl while I spanked her thick ass, and then I jerked off until I came all over her impressive rack!
Rae Lil Black extrañó su última lección de conducir, y llegó tarde cuando fui a recogerla hoy, aparentemente porque ha estado con gente de una banda. Definitivamente no estaba celoso, solo preocupada por ella, ¡especialmente porque se había olvidado de cómo quitarle el freno de mano al coche! Decidí hacer una clase diferente con la lección de hoy y la conduje a través del lavado de coches. Cuando estábamos en privado, Rae me dejó sacar sus grandes tetas y luego me chupó la polla. Parecía que las cosas volvían a la normalidad, ¡hasta que me dijo que se iría a casa a Japón al día siguiente! ¡Tuvimos una última pelea por los viejos tiempos, y la incliné sobre el capó para follar al estilo perrito antes de que me montara en el pomo del asiento del pasajero y me masturbara por toda su cara!
I had the lovely Charlie Red as a student today in the Mean Orange Machine. Charlie started the lesson well enough by identifying the pedals, tying her seat belt, and disengaging the handbrake, but once she got the car rolling, the trouble began to set in. Charlie was a bit behind on her ability to shift gears, and stalled the car a few times. I suggested we change places so I could take her out on the road. While we drove, Charlie asked how long it would take to get her license. I told her it would take more lessons, which she did not like, so she asked how she could speed up the process. Charlie knew how to entice me, and flashed me her tits. I tried to remain professional, but when she showed me her ass wearing matching red lingerie, I wanted to fuck her. We pulled over and she gave me a blowjob, then fucked me hard until I could pull out and cum on her pussy!
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I had been training with Ryan to be an examiner for FDS, and I suppose we've been seeing each other on the side, but I couldn't take my eyes of Luke Hardy today. His biceps were just so big! Luke was training to be an instructor, so Ryan took us on a dual lesson. I guess somewhere between reversing around the corner and the emergency stop, Luke and I got into some fun banter, and he was really turning me on. When Ryan got out of the car to head to the testing center, I pounced on Luke's big cock. He had magic fingers, and made me squirt so many times! I rode his dick all over the backseat, even gave him a rimjob, then wanked him off all over my big tits. Don't tell Ryan!
Me enorgullezco de mi profesionalismo y de cómo nunca dejé que mi vida personal y profesional se entrelazaran, pero simplemente no podía concentrarme sentado junto a la belleza polaca Elizabeth Romanova. Elizabeth era rubia, y llevaba una camisa de corte bajo. Su belleza me impresionó tanto que olvidé decirle que se pusiera el cinturón de seguridad antes de irnos. Cuando la llevamos en el asiento del conductor, ¡Elizabeth era algo natural! La llevé de vuelta a la autoescuela para hacer una conducción avanzada y, honestamente, su belleza me distrajo tanto durante la lección que le ofrecí otra lección gratis. Elizabeth me dijo que se sentía halagada por mi atracción y que podía ayudarme a relajarme para la siguiente lección. Ella se acercó y me besó, entonces chupé esas grandes tetas. Elizabeth me dio una mamada, ¡y follamos por todo el coche!
I had a new student named Sanny Luke in the Mean Orange Machine today, so we went through a little bit of theory before heading out onto the road. I showed Sanny the steering wheel and explained the mirrors, then I drove for a little bit to give her more tips. When we reached a secluded area, I let Sanny take over, and it was clear right from the jump that she would need quite a few lessons should she want to pass her driving exam. Sanny said she couldn't pay for the 40-50 lessons, and putting her hand on my knee, asked if we could make a deal. Sanny gave me a wet blowjob, then took her panties off and climbed on top of my hard cock. I fucked her with her tits in my mouth, then fucked her missionary in the backseat, finally pulling out and cuming on her pussy.
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Mi alumna de hoy era Diverse Stacey, una mujer pelirroja de aspecto rudo que llevaba una chaqueta de cuero. Stacey parecía ser bastante reservada, asintiendo cuando le mostré el volante y la palanca de cambios. Stacey me explicó que había estado conduciendo durante 20 años, y que solo estaba aqui para un curso obligatorio de actualización. Resulta que Stacey había sido multada por exceso de velocidad mientras usaba un vibrador en el coño, por lo que si no superaba este curso, perdería su trabajo. Ella se ofreció a demostrar lo que estaba haciendo cuando fue atrapada y lo siguiente que supe fue que estaba chupando mi polla, ¡y luego metió mi palanca de cambios en su coño! Diverse Stacey trabajó mi polla, luego se tragó mi esperma a cambio de una segunda lección.
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