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Today we drop on you Part 1 of 22 year old country girl Delilah Day and her partner in corruption Maddy May. Part 2, the Hotel Sex drops Saturday but this little intro will wet your whistle for this infectious Southern belle turned bad girl. Yes we have two hotties in the car but today is Delilah's DAY and the focus is on just how much corruption Jay and Maddy can show our little Delilah. Of course Maddy gets hers tomorrow and then we just had to keep them both over an extra day so Delilah could lick her first pussy ever. Oh yeah, these two have not hooked up yet or explored each other's bodies either. It's such a shame to think these two have not parted the tender folds or tasted the sweetness of each other's flowers yet. Blasphemy I say and SO sad. But oh yeah, it happened on this trip and it's so fucking hot so don't fret Steve's here to make it happen. Keep an eye out for this update coming soon. Let's just say corruption abounds here and there's lots of collusion going on in this car between Jay and Maddy as they plot the exploitation of Delilah and we just love it. So after Jay gets the preliminary questions out of the way as to what lead them to the ExCoGi car and hotel room the toys come out. "You girls have seem the Hitachi haven't you" asked Jay. "Oh yeah", declares Maddy with a shit eating grin. "This thing will ruin you" as Delilah's legs part and Maddy begins the corruption process so Delilah can experience what a girl's best friend really is. But things don't really heat up until these three pull over and Jay can focus on introducing these two newbies to the Jizz Bizz having them give him a double BJ then he gets to sampling Delilah's goods from behind for some very hot outdoor sex. Yes today was Delilah's day with her first BJ and car sex while Maddy got to get behind the camera a little, which is her real end-game Maddy confessed. I must say she's pretty damn good at it also. Might have to hire her to corrupt a few more newbies in later ExCoGi scenes with cameras skills like this, an attitude and rocking body to boot and a zest for sex you don't find in too many girls these days. These girls are sexy and refreshing, illustrating why Southern girls are fun to get down with and know how to treat a man right. This BTS scene really gives you a taste of what's going to happen in the hotel room later that day and that drops Saturday so prime the pumps and enjoy Delilah Day and Maddy May's Exploration of Corruption Part 1. Happy fapping!
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Delilah Day and her stepbrother Tyler Cruise are looking to purchase a place together. Pristine Edge, their realtor, introduces herself and asks if the stepsiblings are together. They swear they're just looking for an investment property, but their level of flintiness tells Pristine otherwise. Delilah is also clearly into Pristine, who is definitely vibing with that....
Southern beauty Ms. Delilah Day has a gorgeous face, mouthwatering body, and big natural tits, but it's her long, lustrous locks that make her feel sexiest. Delilah loves to change her hair with her mood, from straight to curly and even temporarily switching colors. Delilah says, "I always feel my best with lots of hair and not a lot of clothes," and her fans agree that's the way she looks best, too!
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When Delilah Day notices that her stepsister Jazmin Luv is wearing some nice new clothes she asks her how she got them, so that’s when Jazmin tells her about her sugar daddy Donnie Rock. Not long after, Delilah decides to meet Donnie and gladly becomes his sugarbaby, giving him a piece of her ass while she reaps all the benefits!
Joshua and Lilly Bell enjoy giving people a rough time, but they’ve made a big mistake after targeting Deliliah Day and Tyler. When these two get compromising film on the pair of bullies, it’s time to beg for forgiveness and give in to their enemies’ secret and perverted sexual desires if they don’t want to lose everything over leaked sex tapes.
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Best friends Delilah Day, Sera Ryder and Violet Starr are filming a vlog in which they call themselves “The Pranksters” and play a series of pranks on their neighbor Donnie Rock. Donnie catches the girls hiding in his closet and confronts them about the pranks, threatening to tell their parents about what they’ve been doing. The girls plead with him to keep quiet so he makes a deal with them, if they follow his every command he’ll spare them from telling on them. Looks like joke’s on them after all.