What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Peter Fizwall is watching the game with his swap son Jimmy Michaels when his swap wife and swap daughter, JC Wilds and Selena Ivy, bring snacks. They all toast to what a great experience it has been for them to be a swap family. They settle down to say what they've all enjoyed so far about the swap family....
Ya conocemos sobradamente a estos dos hembras llamadas JC Wilds y Sofie Reyez, lo que no se nos podia pasar por la cabeza es que son universitarias de matricula de honor. Aunque seas buen estudiante las calenturas hay que apagarlas y que mejor ...
JC Wilds needs some advice with something in regards to her boyfriend. So she goes to the kitchen to ask her stepdad. She tells her stepdad that she is worried that she won’t be able to take her boyfriend's huge cock, and wants her stepdad to help her get stretched out. Stepdad can’t believe what he is hearing, there’s no way he would agree to do any of that. JC keeps insisting that her mom will never find out. With a little insisting and promising that she will keep quiet. Stepdad agrees and he gives her his huge cock. First she gets on her knees and sucks on it, then they take it to the bedroom, where she gets her sweet pussy stretched out by stepdad's huge cock.
Parker’s living his worst Cinderella nightmare. He’s doing every chore around the house for Chloe Temple, JC Wilds and Mandy Waters, her horrible stepfamily. One day, he makes a wish to become invisible, and his dream comes true. Now that the three ladies do not notice his presence, it’s payback time, with lots of freeuse ghost sex!
Gi Joey is tired of his out-of-control stepdaughter JC Wilds’s rebellious attitude. He is out of options and calls his friend Sergeant Miles for some advice since his stepdaughter Molly Little is so well-behaved and the total opposite of JC. Sergeant Miles has some pretty unorthodox methods of keeping her in line, like making her wear a chastity belt to keep her innocence intact and raising her with a “rewards and punishment” system. One week later, JC is behaving like a lady, doing chores and respecting her elders (with some occasional naughty activities in the bathroom). Sergeant Miles taught his friend’s stepdaughter well, so he bring the two girls to reward their exemplary behavior with a hot fuck session. JC tries to claim her reward by kissing her stepdad, but Gi Joey feels uncomfortable. To sort this out, Sergeant Miles proposes swapping stepdaughters, whatever it takes to keep his strict system working.
JC Wilds has a problem, her water heater broke and she sure would like to freshen up. Lucky for JC, her friend agreed to let her use her shower while she's at work. While her friend might be at work, her friend's husband happens to be home and JC has heard about what a great fuck he is, so JC uses this opportunity to seduce her friend's man and fuck him after she gets out of the shower.
Happy wife JC Wilds has a great husband and this Valentine's Day is no different with a gift of big hard stud cock. Just the thought of dick had JC masturbating her hot pussy in anticipation, and when she arrived at Charles house no time was wasted and was quickly led to the bed covered in rose petals. The only job for Charles is to take care of JC with his throbbing cock down her throat and balls deep inside her for a very special gift of cum.
Jamie Knoxx is getting a little action started on the couch with his girlfriend, Deja Marie, when suddenly there's a knock on the door. Deja remembers her college bestie JC Wilds--better known to their party girl circle as Juicy Coochie--is bringing her BF for a visit today, but JC walks in alone because her guy bailed, yet again. Jamie knows JC is gonna be DTF, and the next morning he walks in on his girl licking her bestie's pussy and eagerly joins in for a hot threesome. They take it to the bedroom, where he gets to fuck that juicy coochie while JC licks Deja.
JC Wilds is a cute teen with some pretty big tits. She might look shy but we found out that taking her out to a restaurant, she wanted us to get a shot of her pussy in public! Getting back to the hotel, she opened up and wanted to titty-fuck before swallowing a cock and getting a facial at the end.
Wrex is helping out his stepgrandma Dee Williams to decorate her house for Halloween when they hear some strange noises coming from outside. Wrex finds JC Wilds trying to vandalize the house with toilet paper so he brings her inside. Nana decides to punish JC with some spanking before things take a scarily naughty turn!
JC Wilds comes to stay with her stepsister Eden West, and their stepdad, Mike. JC seems to be going through a goth phase and can’t wait to help Eden bring out her inner goth. In Eden’s bedroom, the stepsisters start making out on the bed, only to be seen by their stepdad. JC brings him over to join in on their gothic makeover fun.
When Donnie walks into his stepdaughter’s room one night, he finds JC Wilds making out with her friend Alyx Star! The girls are startled but Donnie tells them he’s happy they’re exploring and discovering themselves. When Donnie finds them making out again, he gives them a dildo and encourages them to try it. Alyx asks Donnie if he’d be willing to show them how.
JC Wilds and Mae Milano are working hard to look good during the upcoming parade, but Donnie explains that they need to put more emphasis on respecting the flag. To help ease the girl's nerves, the three go all out in an intense fuck session.
JC Wilds goes to her doctor appointment to deal with her low libido problem, but first the doctor’s assistant Electra Rayne will prepare her and take some notes on her vitals. Electra keeps complimenting JC and saying how beautiful she is. When Dr. Hardy examines her, Electra suggests that they give her the natural, and rather naughty, treatment!
Real estate agent JC Wilds may be new to the business, but she's got a lot of confidence in her ability to get Chuck top dollar for his condo. That's not the only thing JC is confident about: she enjoys pleasing her clients, and to ensure she gets the listing, she unbuttons her blouse and removes her lacy bra, showing Chuck her big natural tits! Chuck can't believe it as JC plays with her pussy and then lets him eat it, and she shows the same determination in sucking his dick and riding him as she will getting him an offer over asking!
After his wife kicks him out of the house, Ike decides to stay with his stepdaughter JC Wilds who lives closer to his job. JC is fine with having her stepdad over and they both hang out on the couch when she notices that Ike is getting a boner! JC decides to tease him a little but ends up leaving him with some serious blue balls, so the next morning she makes it up to him by getting on her knees and opening wide!
Religious schoolgirls Willow Ryder and JC Wilds get caught watching porn by their teacher Tony who lectures them while also feeling them up. In this freeuse academy the girls must learn to respect the rules as well as how to suck good cock!
Artemisia Love is tired of having to do all the house chores when her husband doesn’t ever reward her with sex. Later that day, stepdaughter JC walks in with her boyfriend Chris asking Artemisia for some money for a concert, and claiming that she’d do anything to get it. Artemisia takes this chance, and tells JC that if she really wants the money her and her boyfriend are gonna have to do all the chores. JC comes back from cleaning the bedroom to find Artemisia sucking Chris’ cock! Artemisia tells JC that if she wants the money they’re gonna have to keep her happy, and what makes her happy? Sex!
JC wILDS and Tyler are ready for the summer, lounging by the pool it doesn’t take long for them to start thoroughly enjoying each other’s bodies. All that is a brutal scene with a saber cleaning fit for our lucky one to unload all that hot jizz on.... Don't miss it... Safe and quality handjob...
JC Wilds is outside doing her stretches when her training coach Peter joins her to get her naked and truly stretch her out! They’ll end up in the shower getting naughty before getting clean.