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Ryouko Murakami is our lovely Japanese housewife today. She is busy with her husband at home before he leaves for work. She like to make sure breakfast is made and the house is clean so her husband can have a nice morning before work and leave feeling confident and happy. Today his brother stops by to give him some papers. It seems that this brother is the black sheep in the family as he has no job and no girlfriend. He comes in and chats with his brother before he leaves for work and stays after he leaves to talk to Ryouko. He has always had a think for Ryouko and today he is going to sneak into her bedroom and look for her intimates. He finds her panties in a drawer and pulls them out and gives them a big smell so he can imagine what her hot pussy must smell like. He takes them and uses them to jerk off in her room. He then decides that he is going to use those panties and some photos he has of her to sell them online. He figures he can make some money with those panties and selling them online can be a nice business. But it seems that someone has recognized her and has come to her house to ask her about this and if it is her that is selling the panties. Well that devolves into our lovely housewife doing some sexual acts with this gentleman that caught her.
Ryouko Murakami lives in an apartment in Tokyo and must hang her laundry out on the balcony to dry. It seems that some of her delicate panties have been blown down by the wind to the neighbors balcony. Today, the neighbor has come up to return them. This is a bit embarrassing for Ryouko, to have her panties in the hands of the neighbor to see. She takes the panties from him and invites him in. It seems that this small intimate act between them has turned him on, having seen her panties and knowing how they must fit on her very voluptuous ass. Since the neighbor has come into the apartment and was holding her thong panties in his hands, this has turned Ryouko on and excited her. She asks him to come into her room where her bed is filled with all her panties. She takes him on the bed and starts to remove his clothes and kiss him. The sight of her tits and her mouth on his and all the sexy lingerie laying around has got him hard and he is anxious to take off her top and play with her enormous tits. They are big and beautiful and he enjoys kissing and licking them and holding them in his hands after so long seeing her around the elevator in their apartment building. This the return of her panties has finally given him the opportunity to get into her house and get her naked. She does not disappoint and is eager to have his hard cock in her mouth and his fingers digging into her pussy. They spend the next hour sucking and fucking. He is enjoying every minute he can get his cock inside her body and every position he can fuck her in.
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