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Sophia Leone and Selina Bentz took an elective class in college on environmental stewardship. Now, they're obsessed with ecology and caring for the planet, an ideology Sophia's stepbrother Danny doesn't seem to share. To convince him to lead a greener life, the girls will try some alternative strategies that will surely make him reconsider.
Tony Rubino's heard Sophia Leone is the best realtor around, and he wants her to help him sell his now ex's place as soon as possible. The dark-haired hottie is confident she can get him top dollar, and when she learns it was a sugardaddy arrangement, she lets him know she's in the market for one as well! Not only does Sophia get the listing, she takes out her big tits and plays with her pussy, then sucks Tony's cock and takes good care of him the way he's going to take care of her.
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Kyle and his girlfriend were looking to buy a new house and had a meeting with a realtor. They showed up first and were told they could go in the house to wait for the realtor. His girl was loving the house so much she started making out with Kyle right by the front door as the realtor finally got there. Sophia Leone stood there checking them out for a bit before she made her presence known. She then started showing them around the house and she was totally checking out Kyle when they got to the kitchen.
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