Hey, MYLF fans! We are super excited about our new Lab concept. You know we put this one together just for you, so tell us how you like it in the comments. We’ve titled this experiment “Hall Pass,” and it’s all about getting a freebie to cheat and mess around with someone else –– even the most conservative women have dreamed about being with another woman. In this episode, Leya Falcon might seem like a typical housewife, but she keeps feeling the temptation of having another woman in the bedroom. Luckily for her, her husband, Charles, is willing to allow it. He encourages Leya to try her luck with Aria Valencia, but with only one condition –– he wants to watch the whole thing.
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Nicole Aria gave her two weeks at her current job for a new opportunity she found, but before she left she wanted to give her boss a thank you gift. Her boss not only works hard, but also helped her get her new job. Aria is very thankful and since she knows that her boss' wife doesn't take care of him Aria decides to strip down in her boss' office and let him have a go at her wet pussy. Although he was reluctant at first due to his marriage, he couldn't pass on fucking his ex-assistant.
What would happen if three families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Lolly Dames and Dan Damage really want to be the best swap parents possible. When they leave the room, Ricky Spanish comments to his swap sister Aria Valencia that their swap parents seem so uptight and strict. Aria hears Ricky out, then tells him on her way out of the room that things aren't always what they seem.
Competitive brunette babes Keira Croft and Leda Lotharia answer the same roommate wanted ad, and neither of them is going to give up without a fight. After playing a game of strip pong, the girls make it more interesting by racing to see who can be the first to fill their cup... with squirt! The lucky guy just gets to sit back and relax as the babes cover his apartment with squirt and play with his toys, but which of these nymphos will win the title of new roommate?
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After a knock on the door Cory Chase opens it to find the landlord’s son Donnie who’s there to collect the rent. Luckily this is a freeuse household so, along with the rent, Donnie will collect a few orgasms from both Cory and her stepdaughter Nicole Aria!
Mia Molotov’s college roommate, Aira Banks, is up to no good. She’s left a pervy trail to get Mia’s ass and just where she wants it. After Mia finds a pair of pussy juice filled panties in the fridge, Aira crawls into position and plunges her dick on a stick right into Mia’s pussy! Mia’s had enough of Aria’s games and gives her a suction dildo fridge door fucking of her dreams. Next, Mia spins Aria on a lazy Susan and things really get rolling. Mia has more surprises for Aira’s pussy than she can count, and when she breaks out the strap-on, it takes their scissoring girl-on-girl sex to the next level.
When it comes to shoplifting, Aria Carson just can’t seem to get enough and never learns her lesson. This time, Aria attempts to steal a brand new bikini. But before she can make her grand escape, loss prevention officer Mike Mancini stops her and brings her to the back office for interrogation. Mike knows all about Aria’s past and knows she’ll do whatever is necessary to escape this sticky situation.
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When confronted with the dark reality of being jobless and living out of her car, Aria Valencia seeks counseling from Dr. Magnum. After questioning Aria about the cause of her horrible circumstances, Dr. Magnum learns that Aria has been suffering from uncontrollable urges to masturbate. Like a good doctor, Dr. Magnum has a treatment plan for Aria’s problems, and takes the initiative in helping her live a healthy lifestyle.
We've got a brand new babe again this week, say hello to Maria Kazi. This beautiful blonde bimbo gets the whole treatment so welcome her with open arms and let us know what you want done to her when she comes back!
El día que vimos esta escena quedamos totalmente prendados de Laura Rey, una española con dos de las mejores tetas naturales que hemos visto en la historia del porno español. Este vídeo es el debut de esta chica en este mundillo, por lo visto pidió grabar con algún famosete y le consiguieron a Antonio Aguilera, conocido en la prensa del corazón por ser el "ex" de Falete. Toda la escena transcurre en una habitación de hotel y el POLVAZO es simplemente brutal! Uno de los mejores "Made in Spain" que hemos compartido en mucho tiempo, no os lo perdáis que es "canela fina".
Nicole Aria, Nadia Noja and Aften Opal are three BFFs who are infatuated with the sugar baby lifestyle. When a surprise DM offers them a chance at auditioning for the role, Aften and Nicole immediately jump on the opportunity. Nadia, on the other hand, is hesitant. But after meeting their potential sugar daddy, they are willing to do anything it takes to be spoiled by him.
Brunette camgirl Aria Taylor has never met Angel Youngs before, but she absolutely loves women--especially discovering their bodies--and she can't wait to get her hands on the hot blonde. Aria shows off her big pierced tits as she tries on some outfits, and she and Angel get to know each other... and talk about all the ways they want to play with each other, with their hands, mouths, and the toys they brought! Time to get down to the action, and these horny hotties can't get enough. Don't look away for a second!
Cuando insistimos en que nuestro porno es real es porque nos encanta la naturalidad y espontaneidad sin artificios, hacemos hincapié en esto porque es una de las razones para grabar escenas como la que os presentamos, la otra razón es que somos un poco perversos ;)) Todo para conseguir reacciones naturales como la de Nata que viene a una grabación a ciegas y nos permitimos el lujo de vacilarle haciéndole creer que le toca bailar con la mas fea. Así es como conseguimos que cuando Nata ve entrar a Debora Sanz y sus curvas le de un vuelco el corazón viendo al monumento de chica con la que va a grabar. Sorpresa por ambos lados porque tampoco Debora Sanz sabia que la escena la haría con un chico negro, cosa que no le termina de convencer pero que tras la experiencia vivida con Nata, no sera el ultimo. Decir que esta es una follada tremenda es quedarnos cortísimos porque empieza con gargantas profundas y termina con una reventada de culo épica. Debora Sanz creía que no le entraría por el chiquito y termina pidiendo que no se la saque!!. Porno real de gente real. Sello Pepeporn.
Teacher Kenzie Love and her assistant Aria Valencia have prepared quiet the interesting lesson for their Sex education class with their student Elias. With a very hands-on method, in only three sessions Elias learns everything he needs to know about how to pleasure a woman!