When loss prevention officer Marcelo suspects Coco Lovelock of stealing, he brings her into his office for interrogation. He learns she’s congressman Lovelock’s daughter and has some fun dissing Coco’s dad while he searches her for stolen goods. Marcelo finds all types of stolen goods in Coco’s backpack, and she knows that unless she pulls off some slick moves, she’ll land in serious trouble. Coco uses her cunning and sweet petite body to win Marcelo over.
Case No. 7862664 - September 4th, 11:37 AM. Suspect is an adolescent female with brown hair. She is observed shoplifting from the underwear section of the store. The Loss Prevention Officer on duty brings her back to the office to interrogate her. She displays a combative demeanor, claiming she was only trying on the garments. A search reveals that she has hidden several pairs of underwear on her person. She expresses fear that she will lose her college scholarship if prosecuted. She and the Officer reach a compromise, satisfying store protocol. The rest of this case is classified.
Aria Valencia is taken for interrogation under shoplifting suspicions. Officer Clarke performs a thorough process to find out who she is and what she has taken. After stripping Aria and doing a full cavity search, she seems clear, but Clarke detects her hiding a perfume bottle in a drawer when he leaves the room for a couple of minutes. Aria quickly breaks down and tells Clarke that she comes from a very conservative family, and her father doesn't allow her to wear a lot of makeup. She confesses trying to steal a perfume bottle from the mall to at least feel like other girls her age. Luckily, Clarke is understanding of her situation, offering her a mutually beneficial agreement. Aria takes her way out by giving the officer a nice blowjob and riding his cock.
Case #4242512 - May 15th, 8:22 AM. Suspect is a young, adolescent female. She is an employee of the store suspected of giving out unauthorized discounts on expensive items. The Loss Prevention Officer accuses her of selling a one hundred dollar pair of sunglasses for well under value. Suspect accepts termination of employment, but wants to avoid law enforcement involvement. After further discussion, the Loss Prevention Officer and suspect are able to come to an agreement. Evidence logged on May 15, 2019.
This year, Brianna Bourbon just wants to show her family a good time with lots of bright Christmas lights. But loss prevention officer Mike catches her shoplifting and needs to bring her to the back office for interrogation. When he discovers his suspicions are true, he has Brianna do a necessary strip search. Brianna needs to do whatever Mike says to get out of serious trouble.
Cute Asian chick Nicole Doshi gets caught stealing some accessories for her bunny outfit. She has an important Christmas party to go to and her costume must be perfect. Officer Jack tries to be understanding with her, but he has to perform his duty and do a full cavity search first. Once Jack finds the stolen merch, he tries to negotiate a way in which they both can walk away satisfied. Nicole agrees and sits on Jack’s lap to find the best solution possible. She plays with Jack’s cock and enjoys a good fuck in the security guard’s office so she can make it to the party with her new earrings.
When Megan Maiden gets caught shoplifting, she relies on loss prevention officer Tommy to get her out of trouble. It turns out he’s her stepbrother, so she thinks he can pull some strings and get her off the hook. This is, however, not the case, and Tommy has to treat Megan like any other crook who steals from the store. Now, if she wants to avoid serious repercussions, she’ll need to do whatever Tommy says.
Breezy Bri is a gorgeous petite nerd who will do anything at hand to win her gaming tournament. Yet her plans are spoiled when officer Rusty catches her stealing a processor. Suspicious of her, he takes her to his office and asks her to strip naked so he can perform a full cavity search. Breezy feels bad about the whole situation and begs the officer for a way out. Rusty agrees to let her go as long as she does him a hot favor. Breezy accepts the deal and starts playing with the officer’s cock, enjoying it more and more as Rusty bangs her over his office table and chair. With her face covered in cum, Breezy smiles as Rusty lets the petite nerd go with her processor.
8 de agosto, 5:00 p.m., Caso # 6686140 - Sospechoso es una adolescente blanco, mujer. El sospechoso tenía otros cómplices blancos y adolescentes que la dejaron en la escena del crimen. Después del interrogatorio, el sospechoso negó haber robado algo. Ella fue luego sometida a un registro en profundidad y se recolectó evidencias adicionales, pero se considera clasificado y solo está disponible según la necesidad de conocerla. Evidencia registrada el 8 de agosto de 2018.
Summer Vixen thought she could get away with stealing a turkey under her shirt by pretending she is pregnant. The security cameras caught her straight away, so officer Jason took her for some questioning. Soon after, Summer is crying desperately, explaining to the officer that her family is going through a rough patch and she is just trying to help them. Jason tries to be understanding, but he has to do his security checks. After removing her clothes and feeling her body for any other concealed item, he is willing to let her go without any consequences as long as she does something for him. Summer agrees, going for the officer’s cock. As she sucks, she starts to get the kick out of it, moving on to an intense fuck over Jason’s chair. After cumming on her face, officer Jason lets Summer go with the turkey. Thanksgiving is saved!
Mandy Rhea just got stopped by her stepson Billy, the mall security manager, after a shoplifting incident. Her stepmom begs him to let her go, but Billy needs to do the procedure for these cases. Soon enough, he finds article after article during the cavity search. Mandy admits she gets a kick out of shoplifting, hoping her stepson understands her particular situation. But Billy has rules to follow, so he thinks of an alternative. Every night, he listens to her and her dad having sex and wants a piece of that fun, so he is willing to let Mandy go if she cooperates. Mandy agrees and reluctantly starts to blow him off. After a while, she starts to really enjoy it, feeling a higher rush than stealing. As the situation gets hornier, he convinces her to fuck. The climax arrives when he cums on her face and promises to delete the tape. Mandy doesn’t need to shoplift anymore, she has a better alternative now.
Security officer Mike is questioning suspected thief Kay Lovely in the backroom and he notices that she’s a little too cooperative which is unusual. Kay admits to stealing a bottle of water and even tells Mike that she’s hiding something inside of her. Mike does a strip search and a deep cavity search which Kay seems to really enjoy!
Feeling untouchable, Keira Croft steals a thong. Yet her luck quickly runs short when officer Jack catches her. Reminded of his daughter, he tries to be nice to her during the interrogation process. With no results and a snarky attitude from her, the guard tries a tougher approach, patting her down and quickly finding the missing thong under her skirt. Convinced that the sexy thief has more to hide, she gets Keira out of her clothes and checks for stolen items in her pussy. Things are too tight to tell, so Jack uses his powerful tool to check inside. In the end, Keira just wants a way out, and the officer is willing to help her. Some cock sucking and a nice fuck should help Keira go free, learning her lesson once and for all.
Guard Rusty takes Adrianna Jade for interrogation under suspicion of stolen lipstick. After a thorough touchdown, she attempts to escape unsuccessfully, but Rusty catches her and finds the concealed item. Now handcuffed, the girl ends up confessing she wanted the lipstick to see if it would make her popular with the guys. Rusty tells her she is way too young for that, paints her lips red, and offers her to go free (with the lipstick) if she is willing to cooperate.
Ophelia Kaan knows her husband is cheating on her, so she tries to steal perfume that smells like the secret mistress. Unfortunately, loss prevention officer Dorian stops her in her tracks. If Ophelia wants to avoid serious trouble, she’ll have to cooperate with Dorian – luckily for both of them, they seem to enjoy the conclusion they reach!
Security guard Rion questions Kimmy Kim about missing merchandise and incriminating footage of her in the dressing room. After a thorough touchdown, he finds the stolen merch concealed under her clothes. To ensure that Kimmy learns the lesson, Rion offers her a way out that is sure to satisfy both parties
Sophia West claims to be a good mom and a good person who only wanted to look beautiful for her husband, but security officer Billy knows that a crime is a crime, and stealing that lingerie set is gonna cost Sophia significantly. After a strip search, she sits naked asking officer Billy to let her go, but he tells her that she’s gonna have to earn her freedom by doing exactly what he says!
Security guard Mike is interrogating suspected thief Mazy Myers in the back room. After she denies having stolen anything, officer Mike steps away to grab a cup of coffee, so Mazy, who claims to be an aspiring actor, takes advantage of this moment to hide what she had stolen in her bra and practice a few lines to claim her innocence. When officer Mike comes back she offers her purse for him to search, pretending to cry and acting all innocent. Luckily she’s not a very good actor and officer Mike can easily see through her lies so he proceeds to do a strip search, and when he finds the stolen item he continues with a deep cavity search! Mazy will now have to pleasure Mike until he’s happy before he lets her go free!
Security officer Franco is interrogating suspected thief Celestina Blooms in the store’s back room after catching her stealing a bunch of pills. Celestina denies everything at first but when he does a bag check she tries to make excuses saying that she’s under a lot of pressure at school and needs the pills to sleep. Franco doesn’t care about excuses and will do a strip search and deep cavity search to teach the little brat not to steal from his store!
30 de agosto a las 4:59 p.m. - Caso # 2725568 - Petty Theft - El sospechoso no cooperó con el oficial de LP. El agente de LP luego explicó que seguiría con una búsqueda en profundidad. Con la esperanza de evitar la búsqueda, el sospechoso eliminó cualquier mercancía de su persona y admitió haber sido atrapado. El sospechoso también usó la premisa de que fueron enviados del ayuntamiento para hacer un control de seguridad, lo cual era una mentira obvia. La infracción fue manejada por el oficial de LP sin la aplicación de la ley. Evidencia registrada el 30 de agosto de 2017.