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At ease, soldier - it’s a brand-new TeamSkeet Features update! Khloe Kapri comes from a family of discipline, drive, and focus. But she isn’t your average Army brat - she’s got an insatiable sexual appetite and is always looking for a good time. When Khloe fails a class, she meets with Mr. Joey one-on-one to see if there is anything she can do to change his mind. Her plan is foiled, and as a circumstance, Khloe has to attend the TeamSkeet Reform School for Rebellious Teens. Even boot camp and the overly demanding drill sergeant Kira aren’t enough to stop Khloe’s lust. Bunkmates Khloe, Freya, and Chloe sneak Jimmy into their room and let the lucky soldier bang them simultaneously. When Memorial Day rolls around, Khloe keeps her goody-two-shoes stepbrother, Parker, from telling her stepdad, Miles, about her failing grades. Khloe sucks Parker’s cock during the pledge, only to be caught by Miles. To keep her sex drive in line once and for all, Miles fucks his stepdaughter along with Parker.
After waking up in bed together, stunning, Amari Anne and Freya Von Doom, are confused if they hooked up or not. Regardless, they are both extremely attracted to each other and what is better than stunning lesbian sex for breakfast! Watch these two beauties in epic pleasure, the hottest interracial lesbian sex yet!
Petite cutie Freya von Doom is excited to celebrate Mardi Gras with her boyfriend but she finds a note left by him where he basically breaks up with her! She’s sad and finds comfort in her ex-boyfriend’s best friend Alex, who happens to be huge and very into petite girls. While they talk on the couch, Alex makes a move and Freya is surprised at first, but then she decides to go with the flow and make a mess with Alex on that couch!
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Soccer girls Freya von Doom, Macy Meadows and Violet Gems are hot for Sergeant Miles, their new coach. At the field, they goof around, flashing their boobs and teasing each other. After soccer practice, the three best friends invite the coach to watch the first USA soccer game against Wales in Qatar’s World Cup together. But things start to get hot and heavy when the game starts because the lusty gals compete for the love of the coach to try and win the captain spot of the soccer team. After separately sucking his cock when the other two are not watching, they realize the only solution is to get completely naked and put their pussies to his service.
Freya von Doom wants to spend some time with her stepdad, Miles. Her stepmom, Carmela Clutch, is okay with them bonding as long as Miles behaves. When Carmela catches Freya and Miles having too much fun, she gladly steps in to make the moment even more unforgettable.
Sergeant Miles calls a new babysitter Freya Von Doom to take care of his daughter, after going through the strict schedule and instructions, he leaves… but not really. Sergeant Miles peeps through the windows to make sure Freya is following his orders but she’s doing everything wrong! When he comes back he confronts her, and says he’s gonna need to send for a new babysitter. Suddenly, things take a turn for the naughty, when Sergeant Miles wants to play with what Freya has under her shorts!
Freya von Doom is sent to stay at her mom’s friend’s house because she’s been having behavioral and attitude problems. Vivianne DeSilva and Sergeant immediately get to work, and start teaching Freya some manners. When conventional methods don’t seem to be working, Vivianne figures out that taking a more firm and dominant approach with Freya is truly the way to go. Vivianne strips down and instructs Freya to make her cum, before calling in Sergeant Miles who will fuck the bad attitude off Freya!
Freya von Doom loves to make a mess but doesn’t like cleaning the mess up. Peter and Freya make a deal over a game of pool, and whoever wins doesn't have to clean for a month. But the games played at this house are a little different than you’d expect…
It’s Duncan’s birthday and he’s celebrating with tiny cuties Freya von Doom and Sweet Sophia. They all take turns trying to break the pinata and when it does, a bunch of dildos come out of it! It’s time to give Duncan his birthday present, so they all rush inside and the girls drop to their knees as Duncan whips out his huge cock!
While searching for his stepdaughter Freya Von Doom’s lost phone, Filthy finds a used condom in between her sheets so he asks her about it. Turns out Freya was experimenting with a friend, but her pussy was too tight for his dick, so Filthy offers to help her out with that. Turns out stepdaddy has the perfect methods to stretch her out!
Freya Von Doom and Naudi Nala prep for a college party and pick out their most seductive outfits. There to help is Filthy Rich, who the girls can always rely on for great advice—the girls love showing their appreciation for Filthy whenever they can.
Freya Von Doom made the mistake of breaking into the wrong house. She snuck in and accidentally woke up the owner. When she saw that he was about 7 feet tall, at first she got a little nervous then she started getting wet at just the sight of him. She tried to hide for as long as possible. However, she wasn’t quite enough. Once discovered, they started talking and she started coming on to him. Freya apologized and then pulled down his pants to reveal his giant cock. She begged him to stretch her tiny pussy with his monstrous cock. Soon, he was fucking this tiny thief all over his living room. Her pussy was stretched in several different positions. Finally, he busted a giant load all over her face.
It’s the weekend of the big game, and Sergeant Miles is looking to kick back and watch every second of it. But Freya Von Doom has other plans and snatches the remote to get Miles's attention. As he tackles her onto the bed, things quickly heat up, and now a whole different type of game is on!
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Sean el hijo de Tony ha estado obsesionado con este nuevo juego de realidad aumentada. Está empezando a convertirse en un problema, por lo que decide confiscar su teléfono por ahora. Después de eso, Sean se fue a lavar los platos. Mientras los lavaba, recibió una notificación de que había un Pikahoe cerca. Se pregunta qué podría significar esto, hasta que sus ojos cambiaron su enfoque al exterior. Ahí Freya Von Doom estaba, super caliente y extremadamente pequeña. Esto debería ser una captura fácil Sean decide intentar ser el mejor, como nadie lo fue.