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What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? It's time for a new experiment, and this time, we wanted to play around with mature and younger models simultaneously. In this concept, you'll see Skyler Storm learn a thing or two from Kenzie Taylor. Their lessons go off without a hitch, so Kenzie brings Donnie into the mix. Skyler learns how to work for the camera and give horny fans around the world what they want.
Kenzie Taylor, a masseuse, is getting ready for her last massage appointment when Charlie Forde walks into the parlor, looking like she’s got a bone to pick. When Charlie insists that she has an appointment, Kenzie is confused, since her next appointment is scheduled for one of her regular male clients. Charlie reveals that she is that client’s wife and she’s decided to take her husband’s appointment so that she can see what all the fuss is about regarding this massage parlor he spends so much time at. It’s clear that Charlie is suspicious that her husband’s been fooling around with Kenzie during their massages, but Kenzie assures Charlie that isn’t the case. Nevertheless, Charlie insists on having Kenzie massage her, so Kenzie slots her in and invites her to disrobe. As the massage progresses, Charlie feels all her stress and judgments fade away as Kenzie’s experienced hands work into her skin. It seems like there is something special about Kenzie’s touch… and Charlie just might be interested to go even further with Kenzie… IF she doesn’t tell her husband, of course.
What’s up, MYLF lovers? It’s time for a new Labs experiment for you to fap to the most beautiful and mature babes in the newest and boldest scenarios. This time, it’s a stepmother trying to help her stepdaughter make ends meet…by doing porn! Skyler has been unemployed for a while now. The lovely blonde just can’t get a job, and she is starting to lose her calm. Looking to help her, Kenzie, her stepmom, finds an ad looking for models, the perfect job for her bodacious stepdaughter. Skyler takes a look at the ad and realizes what’s happening: her stepmom wants her to do porn! Skyler is unsure about it, but Kenzie tells her to have an open mind and decides to bring in a camera to test her skills. Just like a true porn director, Kenzie asks Skyler to slowly undresses for the lens, showcasing her slender and stunning body. To help her feel confident in herself, Kenzie joins her, flashing her amazing tits to the camera. After an amazing start, Kenzie thinks Skyler is ready for a second test: fucking Donnie, their lovely neighbor, and filming it. Skyler eats Donnie’s cock shily, something that just won’t do, so Kenzie instructs Donnie to fuck her stepdaughter’s mouth. The result is much better, but they need to get friskier, so Kenzie comes up with a new scene: a pussy-pounding session in the room. This time, Kenzie is gonna play too, softly rubbing her pussy while watching her girl getting plowed. Maybe, if Donnie gets to fuck them both, Skyler will get inspired and become the next best pornstar in the biz!
What’s up, Mylf lovers? It’s time for a Selects update, and for this episode, we’re going all in on the curviest stepmoms around. We love thick, juicy, curvy moms, so we knew we had to celebrate the chicks in this compilation. After all, there isn’t much better in life than watching a curvy stepmom getting her pussy pounded. Fans of big tits and thick thighs will not want to miss out on this one. See performances by Briana Banderas, Jennifer White, Kenzie Taylor, Misty Meaner, and more!
This scene stars Kenzie Taylor, Sophia Locke, Lindsey Lakes and Cali Sweet. What’s up, Mylf lovers? You know we love getting the chance to try something new, and that’s what Labs are all about! In this episode, we’re bringing back a fan-favorite experiment. This concept was originally titled “Cougar Town,” and the first iteration was published on August 10th, 2023. But this time around, we’d like to convey that the intent is to showcase a reverse gangbang, where there are multiple milfs to one lucky stud. Being with multiple women at once and being lusted after are fantasies many have felt - and we hope it’s something you all can rally behind, as well. In this scene, Kenzie, Cali, and Sophia are at a restaurant for a girls’ date. Cali is feeling wild and lusty - she’s definitely looking for a guy to fuck her hard today. But Kenzie is more reserved. She shies away when Cali and Sophia try to introduce her to the server, Victor. Still, Kenzie finds Victor very cute, and when Cali talks about how they should have some group fun like they used to in the old days, Kenzie can feel herself getting hot for the young stud. Cali ups the ante and flashes Victor while he attends to other customers. He’s astonished that this is actually happening. He serves milfs all day long, and none have ever tried making a move on him, let alone three babes as hot as this group. Feeling horny and bold, Kenzie decides to make her move and follow Victor into the bathroom. With no reservations, Kenzie sucks Victor’s cock. Being this forward and risky makes Kenzie feel young again. They emerge from the bathroom, and now Victor will have his chance to play with all three milfs at once. Everyone wants a turn getting fucked, and Victor is happy to oblige.
?Ricky Spanish is hired by Kenzie Taylor’s husband to catch her in the act of cheating, but this Lil P.I's assignment is quickly derailed when the only thing he catches Kenzie doing is rubbing her sweet pussy! Sneaking inside her home to get a better look, (and a chance to hump her lingerie), Ricky gets caught by Kenzie, who decides to give her paranoid husband a reason to doubt her fidelity when she has her way with the peeping P.I!
Kenzie Taylor es una fenomenal rubia de grandes tetas y buen culo que debuta hoy en private, en nuestra Bimbos, The Casting, Viene con un juguete insertado en el culo y con eso empieza a jugar Vince Karter que poco tarda en devorar su coño peludo y en llevarse una fenomenal mamada de arcada tras la cual empezará a follarle el coño pero sobre todo a dedicarle una follada anal tremenda en la que podremos contemplar ese culazo en acción, la veremos hacerle una cubana con sus enormes tetas, masturbarlo con los pies o chorrear en un squirting hasta acabar llevándose una corrida facial.
Kenzie Taylor knows how to treat herself to a luxurious evening, and so after a lavish dinner and decadent dessert, she shifts over to her massage table, where her hired private masseur, Michael Vegas, is ready and willing to fulfill all her needs. Kenzie, though, has stuck an unmistakable signal up her ass in the form of a butt plug, which tells Michael exactly where he should be directing his attention.
Kenzie Taylor and Bunny Madison are both friends and stepmothers trying out a new-age lifestyle that’s proving to be a huge hit. The method is giving them a lot of satisfaction, but they also notice that it takes a lot of time and has distanced them from their stepsons Jay and Nick. Determined to reconnect with them, the ladies take their boys on a yoga retreat to spend quality time together. Initially, Jay and Nick are bummed when they learn that there are no clubs or beaches for them to party, so Kenzie and Bunny compromise with them: they will take them to the nearest club if they practice a tantric sex yoga technique with them first.
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Astrid Star y Kenzie Taylor comparten piso y coche desde hace muchos años, pero no es solo lo que comparten también al novio, ellas tienen un sistema muy simple, primero una y después la otra. Pero Kenzie quiere saltarse ese trato que también les ha ido, asi que ha decidido follarse al semental, mientras lo esta haciendo son pillados por Astrid Star que ni corta ni perezosa se une a la fiesta.
Keiran Lee is about to cross the line from flirting to perving just for a chance to validate the rumors about Kenzie Taylor's goat throat and tight ass! He sets up a hidden camera on their sink to see if she has any gag reflex during deep tongue brushing… The only catch is that Kenzie isn’t completely oblivious – and she puts on a fucking show. Throated dildo, drooling spit play, even getting herself “caught” masturbating in bathtub to a scene. Because if she’s down and he’s down. Why can’t they have some no-strings-attached, sloppy, high energy sex? Perving only makes it hotter…
Kenzie Taylor is having an extremely stressful month. Due to the writer’s strike, the film she was directing has fallen apart, her stepsons Gal Ritchie and Elias are constantly fighting and driving her crazy, her bills are piling up and she’s about to have a meltdown. Luckily, her loving husband Chad notices how stressed she is and proposes they throw caution to the wind and take an impromptu vacation to visit Kenzie’s eccentric sister Barb, who lives a few states away. The recipe for madness is ready as the family goes on a crazy road trip involving horny cops, tarantula bites in unsuspected places, and, of course, A LOT of sex!
The Taylors' long road trip is finally over when they arrive at Aunt Barb’s amazing house. Soon, they realize the craziness has just begun! For starters, Kenzie Taylor finally tells her husband Chad that she’s been moonlighting as a porn director. Things only get more tense during their family game night when Chad and Elias get bitten on the nuts by Lydia, the pet tarantula. While Aunt Barb runs off to get help, Kenzie and Gal Ritchie suck out the spider venom of the guys’ cocks, leading to an all-American family foursome.
Mona Azar and Kenzie Taylor invite their stepsons Nade and Nick to join them in a friendly tennis showdown as practice for an upcoming mother/son tournament. It’s the perfect opportunity for the gals to step outside and feel accomplished one more time
Kenzie Taylor is having an extremely stressful month. Due to the writers' strike, the film she was directing has fallen apart, her stepsons Gal Richie and Elias are constantly fighting and driving her crazy, her bills are piling up and she's about to have a meltdown. Luckily, her loving husband Chad notices how stressed she is and proposes they throw caution to the wind and take an impromptu vacation to visit Kenzies eccentric sister Barb, who lives a few states away. When she goes to break the news to her kids, she's hit with a whole new set of problems. They have just found out that she's not just a film director, but also secretly directing porn! Gal and Elias are all around the place with the news, masturbating to the content their stepmom made. Kenzie takes the opportunity to bond with them over her work, spending some private time with each of them separately. Little does she know that a horny Pandora's box has been opened once the Taylor kids start taking ideas from their stepmom's hot content!
Hey, MYLF lovers! Brace yourself for the hottest summer of your life as we honor Kenzie Taylor as July’s MYLF of the Month. Hear her answers on every topic there is in a sassy interview, and watch this vivacious Vixen’s talent as she takes Donnie’s cock like the pro she is.
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