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Ophelia Kaan is a lonely milf whose husband is always away at work fulfilling his duties. The gorgeous lady feels sexually neglected, directing her attention to Ricky, her horny stepson. One day, thinking that no one’s home, Ricky invites Alexia Anders, his sweet but inexperienced girlfriend, to have sex in his room, ignoring that Ophelia is right around the corner, spying on them. Ophelia is instantly aroused by the image of her stepson plowing his girlfriend, reaching out for her own pussy, and masturbating from a distance. Despite knowing she shouldn’t be watching, Ophelia loves what she sees and feels that she has a thing or two to teach these horny kids. The next day, Ophelia convinces Ricky to invite Alexia over for “dinner and more,” the perfect excuse for the milf to satisfy her most obscure desires. After a nice meal, Ophelia questions her stepson’s girlfriend about school and her sexual experience. Alexia answers timidly, showing Ophelia that she needs an extra hand to properly please her boy. The lustful stepmom’s obsession reaches a climax when she convinces Ricky and Alexia to have sex right now with her on the watch, letting her participate to enhance the experience. To ensure Alexia is on board, Ophelia rubs the girl gently to awaken her sexual desire, soon finding herself swallowing Ricky’s cock while Ophelia touches her pussy. Ophelia’s wet dream comes true as she feels her stepson’s cock deep inside her while Alexia holds her head, watching the whole scene with nasty delight.
Suki Sin’s life has become mundane. She can’t quite remember when her happiness faded and every day became a slog, but nothing excites her anymore. Her stepfamily upsets her more than anything. They used to be the light of her life, and now they’re more like strangers occupying her melancholy world. Her stepdaughter, Alexia Anders is someone she doesn’t recognize anymore. Alexia is brash and mysterious, and it only seems the rift between them is widening. Her husband, Leo, is aloof and out of touch with reality. Suddenly and without explanation, Suki’s life seems to change. While meeting with Wendy, an auditor with a short fuse and little patience for late payments, Suki seems to be elsewhere. It’s like time has stood still, and her stepson, James, and her husband, Leo, speak to her, but it isn’t the James or Leo she knows from her timeline - these people are from another dimension and explain she is the last puzzle piece to a possible apocalypse. Suki must go on a reality-bending fuck-filled adventure to shift the course of her life and reunite her failing family. It won't be easy with Danny, Wendy, and Alexia in her path, but as Suki rediscovers herself, her powers grow stronger.
What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? It’s time to celebrate your February All-Star, and who better to fit the bill than Alexia Anders? This stunning talent is beyond gorgeous, and we’re honored to have her on the TeamSkeet roster. Alexia has worked with TeamSkeet for years, delivering iconic scenes and melting hearts worldwide. That’s why we knew we had to celebrate this chick with the highest esteem. Alexia talks with Donnie, dishing out life secrets and fun memories. Then, Alexia shows us why she deserves the All-Star title. Adorned in her wickedly lusty lingerie, Alexia makes quick work of Donnie’s cock.
Alexia Anders just accepted a New Year’s Eve gig because she really needed the money. However, her boyfriend Josh wasn’t supportive at all and broke up with her on the phone for putting work over their relationship. The guy’s timing is just the worst, and Alexia is madder than sad about it, but luckily, her boss Ryan is there for her, happy to console her. Plus, his wife is out for a New Year’s Eve party, so they might as well kick off the year with a party of their own! Ryan grabs the petite girl and fucks her nice and hard, ensuring she forgets her shitty boyfriend and gets enough dick to regain her cheerful attitude.
Alexia Anders, the most viral skin-fluencer of the moment, is giving an interview dishing out all her secrets and hacks for perfect skin. Yet, this is a special session, as she is about to reveal her most secret hack to achieve that glowing skin, one that requires the assistance of a male friend and his creamy talents…
Dirty talking, flashing, and erotic boundaries are crossed when a group of co-workers, Alexia Anders, Dante Colle, and Jimmy Michaels complete to be the first to finish their report by the end of the day. “Work hard, play hard” is the company motto so naturally, a naughty surprise awaits the winner!
Alexia Anders is trying to convince his boyfriend Mike to meditate with her. He is a bit adamant about the whole thing, so Alexia comes up with a couple of “alternative techniques” to persuade him. Alexia strips and gives Mike a full body massage, and then starts playing with a sex toy while narrating the situation. Meditation soon turns into a fully relaxing fuck session, something Mike can definitely get on board with!
Alexia Anders comes by to visit her friend but the only person home is her friend's dad Will. They get to talking and she explains to him how her dorm beds are so bad leaving a kink in her neck. Will offers to rub it but she has a wet tight pussy she'd rather him rub. Will can't resist but hopes that his daughter won't find out.
Alexia Anders is the cutest, most petite football player you’ve ever seen, and her boyfriend, Danny, can’t wait to fuck her. She shakes her sweet ass all over the field and works hard to get Danny’s attention. He can’t take his eyes off her, and once they’re back indoors, he doesn’t hesitate to slip his massive cock inside her tight pussy. Despite being small-framed, Alexia takes every inch of Danny like a pro. She rides on top of him and takes his cock in all sorts of positions, loving each second.
Fresh-faced spinner Alexia Anders is a gorgeous starlet that started her career in smut in 2020, and has already captured the eyes and boners of perverts around the world. With perky tits and an adorable smile, as well as a talent for riding dick, Alexia's unique style and vibe make her a can't-miss talent! ...
Fresh-faced spinner Alexia Anders is a gorgeous starlet that started her career in smut in 2020, and has already captured the eyes and boners of perverts around the world. With perky tits and an adorable smile, as well as a talent for riding dick, Alexia's unique style and vibe make her a can't-miss talent!
Jay and Tommy both assume the position of Santa Claus and deliver presents under the tree in the still of the night. But their stepdaughters, Alexia Anders and Kimmy Kimm, hear the two and investigate. Jay and Tommy hide behind the Christmas tree, and much to their surprise, the girls, start putting on a show in the living room. Alexia and Kimmy explore each other's bodies and start scissoring before they are finally interrupted. To keep the fun going, Jay and Tommy suggest a holiday activity the four can do together!
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Alexia Anders and Ryan Reid visit their stepgrandpa Jack, who’s still recovering from a surgery, so the girls immediately offer to help him out. Jack needs help in the shower so the girls sneak in and decide to take care of him in very naughty ways!
Macy Meadows, Destiny Cruz and Alexia Anders are three coffee baristas preparing some new drinks for their boss Brad to try. When Brad is not entirely satisfied with the results, Alexia takes it upon herself to serve him something a little bit naughtier. Soon Brad has all three girls kneeling at his feet and sucking his cock!
Alexia Anders has been baking up a storm for her man, and she expects him to eat everything in the kitchen. And she means everything! After tasting one of Alexia's delicious cookies, Isiah takes the hint and puts her on the counter to taste her cookie. Isiah puts his baguette in her oven and she gets a taste of him too before he covers her face with frosting!
Alexia Anders and I meet again with playful energy and an eagerness for deep fucking. Alexia enjoys submitting as I have my way with her, kissing and feeling all of her. She spoils me with a sensual blowjob and rides my cock in POV. After Alexis cums multiple times she asks me to
This isn't your typical 4th of July party as these friends play a sizzling game of strip pong that soon has Dwayne Foxx losing his shirt and hotties Alexia Anders and Alice Marie with their tits out! Dwayne and Alexia sneak away to the bathroom, where the brunette babe sucks his cock. Alice decides to come looking for them when she notices Alexia getting pounded against the window! When they notice her watching, the petite redhead eagerly joins in, licking Alexia's pussy juice off Dwayne's cock. These babes show that the best way to celebrate the Fourth is with Three!