It’s spring break, and River Lynn and Jill Taylor just want to hang out with their stepbrother, Celtic. He’s been down in the dumps ever since his breakup, and it doesn’t seem like anything can lift his spirits. River and Jill are concerned and try to console him, but he just misses his ex. They come up with a wild and kinky solution - they both kind of look like his ex, so what if he could mess around with them? The girls get to work and rub sunscreen on each other’s tits. Things get steamy quickly, and River eats Jill’s pussy. Celtic can’t help but jerk off watching this. The girls want him to join in on the fun and put his cock to work. Celtic fucks his beloved stepsisters hard, and he can feel his heartbreak melting away. Their pussies were the cure the entire time! He pumps both babes with his throbbing cock. This freaky sex sesh is taboo, but it’s too fun and fucked for any of the stepsiblings to care. Celtic cums so that both girls get some jizz. The girls eagerly suck Celtic’s dick, trying to get every drop of cum they can.
Jay Romero is looking to choose a new stepsister, but first he gets to go through the potential newcomer's room and see what she's all about. His first contestant is River Lynn, a real country girl who likes to get down and dirty on the farm. While River watches remotely, Jay goes through her room and commentates on his impressions. When he finds her vibrator hidden in a guitar, River can't believe it....
Slimthick Vic spends New Year’s Eve with her stepdaughter River Lynn and her boyfriend Nick. Since her divorce, Vic hasn’t been feeling the holiday spirit, so she makes a New Year’s resolution to have more sex. Suddenly, River gets a call from her dad, leaving Vic and Nick alone. The horny stepmom takes her chance and quickly fulfills her resolution by sucking Nick’s cock. This leads to Vic and her stepdaughter’s boyfriend having sneaky sex around the house. When River finds out, she freaks out, but her stepmom soothes her and invites her to join the fun, kicking off the year in the hottest way possible.
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Blonde cutie River Lynn is studying for her exam with her best friend. Her friend went out to get some sandwiches and then Ken arrives to find River all by herself. They start chatting and he asks River if she would have a drink with him sometime. yeah right, the only way she gets his big cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy is in his dreams.
River Lynn is a good ol' sweetheart from Alabama who just moved to LA and wants to fuck. We met up with her for a hike, but it wasn't too long before she did that hike completely naked, out in public, and got fucked right there in the open. We then took her to a hotel where she really got that sweet southern pussy fucked, then came inside her so she can push out all that cum.
You take River Lynn out to Malibu and she's all smiles on the beach. She loves the fast car and enjoys driving it herself. You get her back home and give her a nude massage before you heat things up. Then you take out your cock and put it in her mouth until it is very hard, then you slide it into her wet pussy and...
Calvin discovers that his stepdaughter, Kay Lovely, has been sneaking in her secret girlfriend, River Lynn, to have sex. Calvin decides to invite River over for dinner so he can at least get to know this girl and figure out what’s going on with her stepdaughter’s sex life. Kay confesses that she doesn’t know if she likes cock, pussy, or both, so Calvin kindly offers his cock to help her figure it out. Things get steamier once River proposes the best solution to determine Kay’s sexuality: a threesome.
hat’s up, TeamSkeet fans? Do you have a type for timid babes with a naughty side? If you do, then don’t miss out on this amazing Shy Cuties Compilation! Watch as the beautiful Chloe Temple, Laney Grey, Michelle Anthony, Liz Jordan, Jaime Jett, River Lynn and Keira Heart learn how to work through their shyness in the raunchiest ways possible.
What’s up, Team Skeet fans? We love a Labs update, and this time, we’re beyond excited to bring you a super kinky concept we’ve titled “Hold the Moan.” In this episode, Rion and River Lynn are having some fun on the couch, but Rion is afraid of River’s dad, Eric, walking in on them. She assures Rion there is nothing to worry about, but sure enough, Eric enters the room while they make out. They don’t get caught, but if they want to continue messing around, Rion and River must be super quiet. It’s almost impossible for River to conceal the orgasmic pleasure, and she does everything she can to keep fucking while remaining silent. Rion fucks like a champ and doesn’t make a peep. However, he’s in for a rude awakening when Eric turns around to see Rion’s cum all over River’s face.
As beautiful blonde married flight attendant River Lynn heads to her hotel room, she locks eyes with Isiah as she is on the phone with her husband. Isiah sees she is having trouble with her room key and comes over to assist her with the jammed door. After getting it open up, he asks if she needs help with anything else to not hesitate to ask. River recognizing a lucky moment, invites him inside to help open up another tight opening and before they can close the door, Isiah lifts up her uniform skirt burying his face in her sweet butt cheeks, sliding her wet blue panties to the side and slipping his bbc cock up her hot tight pink pussy. As they move the action to the bed, he sees she is married and confesses he is too. River says it is all clear for take off and sucks his cock balls deep and doing her best to take all his big black inches inside, as far as Isiah can put it, until he erupts a nice hot thick load on her cute little pussy!
River Lynn went to the pool to get a tan. Her step father Peter Fitzwell insisted that he would put some oil on her to prevent a sunburn. Strangely he was focusing in running the oil on her tits and ass. What was wrong with him? River decided to just sit down to make him stop. Next she realized that she had to go to town and decided to take a quick shower before she would go. So she stepped in the shower. Was soaping her beautiful young tits, when she realized her stepdad was watching with his hand down his pants. She called him out. He admitted that mom was in menopause and his balls were all blue. River Lynn decided to help him. They took out his giant cock and she started to suck it. Then he ate her ass. And finally they fucked. First in the shower. Then in the living room. She was riding him, they did the doggy, the mish. And in the end Pervy stepdad came in River’s face.
River Lynn goes to visit her stepnana Sedona Reign and is happy to see her stepbrother Wrex who’s been staying with Nana for a while. When River walks in on Nana giving Wrex a blowjob she freaks out and locks herself in her room, so Nana and Wrex go to talk to her. Once they’ve explained how things work in this family and how much they take care of each other, River decides to give it a try and join in the fun!
River Lynn is over her friend's house but hasn't seen her much because of work. Now it's time to leave and River needs a ride to the airport. Ryan, her brother is around to give her a ride, a ride on his cock.
River Lynn claims she is an introvert but gets in a van with a bunch of strangers. She claims to be shy but gets naked and starts touching the first dick she sees. She spreads her legs open wide and gets finger fucked. She gets to sucking the rock hard cock all sloppy like. She sits on the dick and bounces on it. She gets on all fours and throws her ass back. Her tits jump around everywhere and she gets a load of cum in her face.
River Lynn and Theodora Day want to learn all they can about “soaking” but get caught by their stepbrothers, Joshua and Tyler. Rather than reading about it, the guys suggest they try it out for real – Joshua will do it to Tyler’s stepsis and vice versa. But when soaking isn’t enough for River and Theodora, the raunchy foursome decides to go all the way with each other.
Jack and Mike both receive a phone call from their stepdaughters' school informing them that they were failing a few classes. The stepdads decide to get together and try to tutor the girls, but River Lynn and Celestina Blooms are too distracted to pay attention. The stepdads swap, Jack taking River to the bedroom and Mike helping Celestina on the couch. Devious behavior interrupts their study when Jack, Mike, Celestina and River decide to all take care of each other’s deep urges.
Naughty blonde cheerleader River Lynn loves to suck and fuck especially her teams physical trainer Michael's hard older cock. She sneaks him away to her parents house again to drop to her knees sucking his meat and bending over the couch getting fucked hard doggy style. But as she is getting ready to get to practice Michael suggests her give him another hot routine of fucking her hot tight young pussy and leaving a hot thick cream pie load before heading off back to school.
Blonde bride-to-be River Lynn's besties have hired sexy stripper Mazee to make her bachelorette extra special, but after River gets a lap dance, she wants to show the stripper a good time too! The blushing bride got so hungry surrounded by cock-shaped candy, she swallows Mazee's dick, then rides him. This is River's last chance for some strange before the altar, and she gives it everything she's got to be sure this is a fuck she'll remember forever!