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Demi Hawks gazes around her new dorm room in awe while her stepmom, Shay Sights, puts the finishing touches on Demi's bed. Demi then joins her and asks if Shay can stay over to help her settle into her new surroundings. Shay is touched, especially when Demi invites her to share the bed as a means of offering comfort for them both for this big life change....
Compilation starring the following actresses, Aften Opal, Hazel Moore, Blake Blossom, Shay Sights, Ginger Grey, Em Indica and Kitty Valance. Blake recently graduated from high school and is preparing to start her new college journey. She has dedicated her entire youth to staying focused in school, avoiding parties, and always being on top of her grades. But her whole life is about to turn upside down with a series of events that will make her come of age. Blake will finally confess her feelings to her longtime crush, Max, confront her eternal school enemy, Em Indica, and strengthen her bond with her best friends. The beautiful girl will finally blossom in the sexiest way possible, with a horny turn of events she’ll never forget.
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Shay Sights and her stepdaughter Gizelle Blanco are SUPER excited today since they're going to be watching the sequel to one of their all-time FAVORITE movies. But when they watch the film, they're bummed to discover that it's not good at all. In fact, it's HORRIBLE. The original was MUCH better- this they can agree on...
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