Allie Addison is a dedicated and trustworthy babysitter, and she’s always happy to help her boss, Eddie. But Allie is also human, and when she’s horny, all she wants to do is fuck. So, thinking she’ll have the house to herself, Allie invites her boyfriend Joshua over to have some fun. Allie can’t wait to mess around with Joshua. The thought of fucking while she’s working excites her immensely. Joshua arrives, and Allie wastes no time getting to business. She sucks Joshua’s cock on the couch, getting into the moment, but is cut short when she hears her boss entering the house. In a panic, Allie tells Joshua to hide. Eddie had to come home early but will finish the rest of the work day at home. Now what the fuck is Allie supposed to do? She’s still horny, and her boyfriend is hiding in her boss's house. Neither Allie nor Joshua are willing to give up until they get to fuck. Hiding behind the counter in the kitchen, Joshua eats Allie’s pussy, but they are interrupted again when Eddie enters the kitchen for some coffee. Thinking quickly, Allie tells Eddie she’ll make the coffee and bring it to him in his office - clever girl. Allie later meets Joshua in the bathroom, where they can finally fuck. The built tension makes the sex even more intense, let alone how risky this entire situation is. They move to the bedroom, where they think they can keep fucking without being caught. Messing around during working hours is a lot of fun, and Allie thinks she’ll do this more often. Joshua cums hard, and Allie sucks his cock dry, taking every drop he has to offer. But they have no time to enjoy the post-bliss moment as Eddie enters the room. Joshua hides himself once more, but now Allie has to explain why she’s naked on Eddie’s bed. Thinking quickly again, Allie tells Eddie she wants to play with him. This is easily the best part of Eddie’s day and easily the worst day of Joshua’s life.
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Selina Bentz is head over heels with her boss, Peter, constantly fantasizing about how badly she just wants to fuck him. When Peter offers to drive her home after an ugly fight with his wife, Selina takes this opportunity to finally get some alone time with him and make her move. Lucky for her, Peter is just as horny, and she gets to fulfill all of her kinks in one secret and hot fuck session.
Desiree Dulce's at a pool party but she's too shy to put her bathing suit on. A little reassurance from a friend encourages her to find something to wear, but choosing a white t-shirt wasn't the best idea, putting her her tits on display for everyone after she enters the pool, including Xander Corvus who follows her inside when she runs off, embarrassed. Once Xander has Desiree all to himself, he helps her take off her wet t-shirt, and worships her tits like they should be before they have wild sex!
Ryan and his wife Baribe Feels's sex life has become stale since they became parents. Ryan suggests hiring a babysitter to have some time alone, but Barbie is a little worried about him checking out the nanny and having an affair with her. However, Barbie quickly finds a hot workaround: hiring Vanna Bardot, a sexy babysitter who turns both Ryan, and Barbie on, and have a nasty threesome with her.
Para ganar un dinero extra, Mary Kalisy ha estado cuidando niños de familias ricas en IBIZA. Ella tiene su favorito, el padre es un poco coqueto, pero para ser sincero, ella también está enamorada de él. Una vez que su hijo está dormido, por lo general se relaja en su teléfono, pero hoy, dado que su turno ha terminado, decide darse un baño en su piscina. Por supuesto, llega a casa antes de lo habitual y su reacción no es algo que ella espera.
Serena Hill is somewhat of an enigma. Search far and wide across all the search engines in the land and you'll find very little about this petite little bombshell. Yes, she has one or two scene clips on a couple of tube sites, but otherwise, she flies entirely under the radar. With information so hard to come by, Ms. Hill becomes as mysterious as she is sexy. ...
Reyna Belle is not only a fantastic babysitter but she also takes time to do extra work like cleaning the house. Yet, Danny, her boss, realizes that the girl has been putting too much time and effort into it and confronts her about the situation. Reyna confesses to Danny about needing some extra cash, so he offers to talk to the wife and convince her to pay Reyna a little more…if she puts some extra effort into pleasing her boss too!
Chloe Rose sneaks her boyfriend Jay in while babysitting, something her boss specifically told her not to do. As the couple snoops around the master bedroom, they find a sex video on Chloe’s boss’ camera. The situation makes them horny and they start fooling around while watching the video. Suddenly, the dad comes in and threatens to fire her…unless they agree to have sex on video. Chole and Jay don’t mind some hot fun on camera as long as they are on good terms with her boss.
When Jill Taylor wants to quit babysitting to go to a party, her client, Chad, is unhappy with her decision. He explains that she can’t just leave her job to party whenever she wants. To show Chad that she’s sorry and wants to stay, Jill gets down on her knees and sucks Chad’s cock. Then, she lets Chad fuck her hard. Jill learns that being a babysitter can be just as fun as partying!
Prim Taylor volunteers to help her teacher GI Joey with some stuff around the house. Although it’s technically not allowed, the girl gives him a little hand, but little does Joey know that she has a secret plan. Prim failed miserably in her last exam, so she finds the teacher’s grades and tries to change her mark so her parents don’t punish her. Sadly, Joey finds her and needs to punish her somehow so she doesn’t do it again. The tiny student is down for some spanking as the teacher gives her a raunchy lesson.
Donnie is heading to an important meeting when he discovers that his kids’ babysitter Dharma Jones has broken into his house. The naughty nanny loves the family’s pool, so she went into the house to sunbathe. Donnie rushes to his house to kick Dharma out, but she pushes him into the pool and starts fooling around with him. With her cock-sukcing skills and luscious pussy, the mischievous babysitter convinces her boss to keep the incident a secret.
Serena Hill is a diligent babysitter working for Gi Joey that occasionally offers an upgrade on her service that includes basic house cleaning. It was Gi Joey’s wife’s turn to clean the house, but since she got caught up at work, he asks Serena to take care of the house, giving her permission to use any supplies she finds around. When he comes home, he finds Serena cleaning while wearing an old outfit from his wife. The situation turns Gi Joey on, so he asks for one more upgrade on Serena’s service: to fuck him.
Jill Kassidy gets bored while babysitting, so she wanders around the house looking for fun stuff to do. When looking inside a closet, she finds her lady boss's wedding dress and can't help but try it on. Suddenly, her boss Donnie finds her and threatens to tell his fiancée, so now Jill will have to make it up to him in order to keep it a secret.
Bootylicious babysitter Willow Ryder likes her boss’ house so much that she decides to break in when nobody’s home. The naughty gal enjoys the comfortable couch and also washes her hot body in the place’s amazing bathtub. When she decides to take a nap, she overhears someone coming in, so she rushes to the kitchen window half-naked to escape. Unfortunately, she gets stuck with her ass facing the house’s kitchen, and Peter, her boss, catches her. Aroused by the situation, Peter fucks his babysitter through the window and then makes her come in for more hot fun on the sofa.
Charity Crawford is the epitome of the wholesome and hot girl next door you dream about doing nasty things to. Charity gets a babysitting job call from Mr. Kovac who is also the owner of a swank hotel on the strip. She decides to live up to her name and provide a charitable service for her friends who need jobs there. This absolutely smoking hot girl with a gorgeous face and slender well toned body is sitting on his bed as Mr. Kovac comes in to pay her. She tells him she has a strange request.
Maxie Mellow has been working as a babysitter for Dr. GI Joey and his wife for a while, and she’s been yearning for the doctor to have sex with her. One day, Maxie goes to his office pretending to be sick so he can check on her. As Dr. Gi Joey feels her, he starts to get aroused as well, the perfect chance for Maxie to make her move and have his pussy pounded by her favorite doctor.
Anna Claire Clouds and Lily Starfire are surprised to run into each other at an interview for a babysitting job. Although the two of them got hot and heavy at their college mixer, they didn’t expect to run into each other so soon OR have to compete with each other over a job. Determined to seduce family-man Mick Blue, the two women flirt with Mick in the hopes of winning the gig. However, once his wife leaves it’s a no-holds-barred fuck fest! After sucking on Mick’s cock, Anna and Lily take turns getting their pussies pounded and cumming on his dick before letting Mick blow his load all over them!
Lulu Chu’s babysitting job is not going well. She’s looking after Crhis’ kids, a couple of spoiled brats who keep making messes and breaking stuff. When Chris comes home to find everything upside down, he decides to teach Lulu a lesson on babysitting. Chris spanks Lulu’s bootylicious ass and feeds her with cock, the kind of discipline that turns Lulu on.
Gi Joey is interviewing babysitters for his family when he runs into Sawyer, a sexy girl with a naughty attitude. Joey hires her and decides to monitor her through the security camera. He soon discovers that Sawyer is going through the family’s stuff, finding the wife’s sex toy and playing with it. Joey interrupts her while she is masturbating in the shower. He promises he will keep it a secret and not fire Sawyer as long as she plays with his new boss instead.