When stepson Brad Sterling decides to help out his stepmom Cali Lee and do a deep clean of the kitchen, he wasn’t expecting her to be so grateful for it. Cali offers to reward him for all his hard work in a much devious way. Who knew that a little bit of cleaning would lead to such messy results!
Cali Lee and Brad Sterling get home after Cali’s husband’s funeral, and as soon as they’re inside, they reveal that they were behind the whole thing. Cali is now free to do whatever she desires with Brad, but after they’re done enjoying each other, turns out Cali is done with him too, and in true black widow fashion, she’s ready to celebrate with another guy.
With the pandemic going on there’s been a shortage of toilet paper everywhere, but Cali Lee visits local vendor Alex Jett who is known to still have some available. When Alex tells Cali how much it is for only 1 roll, she knows she can’t afford it so she offers to do absolutely anything Alex wants so she can pay for it. Alex has a few devious ideas that will prove beneficial for them both.
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