Amber Summer finds out her boyfriend lost some money, so she goes to Iron Celtic’s house to see what the deal is. Iron is clearly rich and loves to flaunt his wealth. Amber can’t help but admire his beautiful house and his belongings. He entertains Amber’s attempt to bargain with him, and Iron only leans into his wealth more when she calls him out on his rude behavior. Still, Amber is smitten by Iron’s affluence and can’t help but desire him. Iron notices this and is willing to work with Amber, given she’s a hot piece of ass. She snuggles up with Iron on the couch, and she doesn’t waste...
Just as dirty little step sister Amber Summers imagined, if she only gets loud enough to wake step brother James up, she will get that cock she needs to finish herself with. James took no longer than walking down the hall to drop his pants and feed Amber his hard inches to keep her quiet. Enjoying her hot little pussy for a healthy load of cum across her belly.
Abigaiil Morris meets trainer GI Joey for a workout session at her boxing gym. When GI Joey’s cock starts flopping out of his shorts, boxing training quickly turns into deepthroating training. Suddenly Amber Summer arrives, scrappy and ready to take Abigaiil down. Abigaiil quickly lets Amber know it’s her show with a big titty motorboat. The mayhem continues with a hot and mean hardcore girl-on-girl scissor session that escalates into an intense threesome that cannot be stopped!
Amber Summer is a stepsister who's just about to get spied on. Her stepbrother always wanted to see her shower, so he hid and when she came home, got a chance to be a peeping Tom. He watched her shower from behind a half closed door, then to his surprise, she went to her room and masturbated. She caught him looking though but offer him to suck his dick, then fuck her and give her a facial.
Kelsi Monroe is back with a wad of bills and a will to give them away to anyone down to get freaky in Miami Beach. After talking hotties Eden West, Amber Summer, and Gem Jewels into flashing on cam, she brings them back to the party bus for some butt plug ring toss and then a BJ competition featuring lucky Parker Ambrose. And Kelsi's not done yet! She has Ali Alectra guess Peter Green's size in a cafe, and pretty soon the babes are sharing that cock on camera.
Amber Summers is a tasty petite siren with a cute bubble butt that'll be impossible to look away from. This girl may be tiny, but she's incredibly full of energy and she's got a naughty side to her that she only shows when the camera is rolling. Once the clothes come off it's hard not to want to play with her perky tits and her big nipples. One more thing Amber loves a big cock in her mouth and she'll eagerly take one as deep as she can - whether in her mouth or in her pussy.
Amber Summer is getting dressed for “getting back to school”, while she talks on the phone with her friend, Clara Trinity. She says that she’s being driven to school by her mom’s friend Clarke, but it turns out he’s the father of the boy who used to bully her when they were younger, so she’s a bit afraid of him. Clarke arrives earlier than Amber expected and she decides to hide. Clarke enters the house and spends some time looking for her until he finds her. Her friend Clara comes to the rescue and explains why Amber is so afraid, so Clarke reassures her that he’ll get his son to stop…if they agree to have sex in exchange!
It’s time for a summer photography project, but things get hairy when stepsisters Amber Summer and Sarah Lace want to wear the same outfit - a patriotic bikini that shows off their sweet petite bodies. When their friend and photographer, Anthony, arrives at the house, they forget about the outfits and put all their focus on him. Sarah sucks Anthony’s dick in the bathroom, but they are caught by Amber soon after. Later, during the photo shoot, Amber and Sarah continuously try to outdo one another to get Anthony’s attention. Things work themselves out when Amber and Sarah team up and let Anthony fuck them both. The petite babes take turns bouncing on his cock, and eat each other out while the other gets fucked. All in all, this is a photo shoot Anthony won’t soon forget.
Billy and his stepsister Amber Summer are excited to get tickets to a music festival but when their stepmom Barbie Feels forbids them to go they beg and beg to no avail. Being a freeuse household, Billy fucks his stepmom as they argue! Later, Amber is sucking Billy’s cock when Barbie walks in and scolds them for going behind her back and buying the festival tickets anyway!
Who says basketball isn’t for tiny babes? With the help of her coach, Chirs, Amber Summer shows that anything is possible. He teaches Amber all sorts of techniques and tricks to get her A-game on. Most importantly, Chris shows Amber the importance of keeping limber and stretching out. He gets deep inside her tight pussy to ensure she is optimized for the court. Despite her petite figure, she takes every inch of Chris like an absolute pro.
You take Amber Summer to the Auto Museum and she teases you along the way. She has a great time checking out the cars with you. When you get back in the car she flashes you a bit more and you play with tits.
La deliciosa tez de Amber Summers se pone a prueba por primera vez. Pronto te darás cuenta de que es una profesional natural! Donde no le ara ascos a una polla de grandes dimensiones que meterá en su dulce coño para dominarla hasta que descargue toda su lefa en su...