A free spirited step mom has been having a lot of fun while her husband is out of town. She explains to her concerned son that he doesn’t need to worry about her, and only needs to worry about having more fun… Starring The Busty Crystal Rush
Relájate me llamo Crystal Rush, no estoy aquí para meterte en más problemas por ver porno. Tu mamá me contó todo sobre tu adicción al porno anal. Pero no creo que sea malo, creo que es algo bueno. Y creo que eres justo el tipo que necesito para ayudarme…
Okay I lied, she’s my little step sister. It’s not weird. We already share everything else. And she wants to learn. You already said you’d help. She wants to try anal and be like her big sister… Renee Rose & Stella Barey
I’ve had enough of this. This is what? The fourth, fifth time? You have to stop cumming inside all these girls. I’m your step mom, it is my responsibility. We’re going to figure something out. You’re going to start using condoms, or… Actually.. I might know something that might actually work for you… Kendra Heart
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Kendra Heart honey, you’re doing so good. You’ve been lasting longer and longer.. But today I have a surprise for you. We’re going to try something new. Yes, it’s going to be harder to last, but you’ll love it. Just remember what step mom has taught you…
I know you cheated… Doesn’t matter, I’ll beat you tomorrow… Yeah there was definitely a lot of hot girls at the beach today… Don’t say that, you’re my step sister… Yeah of course, I’m horny too. That’s why I’m just going to jerk off. But we shouldn’t talk about that stuff… Why do you want to see it? That’s really weird… Okay fine ... Stella Barey .
I heard you with your girlfriend last night, Crystal Rush. Sweetie you need to be more careful. If your father was home and heard you having sex he would have been very upset.. Oh, you know I don’t mind. She was very loud though… By the sound of it she loves anal sex a lot.. Just as much as I used too…
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