Alexia Anders and Ryan Reid visit their stepgrandpa Jack, who’s still recovering from a surgery, so the girls immediately offer to help him out. Jack needs help in the shower so the girls sneak in and decide to take care of him in very naughty ways!
Scarlett Hampton is having issues at work and, frankly, isn’t an excellent server. Her step-grandpa, Tommy, explains he has special training to help Scarlett improve her server skills. While the training doesn’t do much to help Scarlett improve as an employee, she enjoys the process regardless.
Summer Col is prepping for an upcoming scene, and could use some advice. Luckily her step grandpa, Jay, is there to help. With a little bit of creative direction, Summer does whatever it takes to land the role.
When Britt Blair visits her stepgrandpa Tommy for a few days he shows her to her room and notices the huge pillow that she’s carrying. After a while, Tommy hears moaning coming from her room so when he goes to investigate he finds Britt humping her pillow! Turns out she was expelled from her boarding school because she couldn’t stop humping pillows, so Tommy spanks her to teach her a lesson. He ends up shoving his thick cock into her hungry pussy to teach her what happens when girls like her behave so naughty!
When Celestina Blooms visits her stepgrandpa Jay she notices that the house is very hot, and she’s getting too sweaty so she strips down to her underwear. Jay claims he can’t fix the A/C but he knows other methods to cool down and regulate their temperature… things like sucking on stepgrandpa’s cock!
Chanel Camryn loves her step-grandpa, Donnie, and doesn’t mind doing chores around the house to help him out. But now that she is a full-grown adult, Donnie notices her womanly body. While going through a box of old costumes, Chanel plays dress-up for Donnie, who has an idea for another type of game they can play.
Betting on horse races is never easy, and Evan’s luck has proven to be faulted. After losing back to back bets, Evan is ecstatic when his lucky charm comes to visit. His step granddaughter, Lily Lou, brings Evan a successful win, and the two find a new way to celebrate.
Evan really missed his step-granddaughter Brookie Blair, and when the two finally plan for an afternoon art lesson, he can’t wait to teach her all about painting. Brookie wants to learn how to paint a banana, but Evan insists that’s not true art. He explains to his step-granddaughter how the body is the grandest masterpiece of life, and shows her the beauty of using it as a canvas!
With his extensive military background, Filthy Rich is as stern as they come. So when his step-granddaughter Ryder Rey asks him for money, he is hesitant to give her the cash. After he catches Ryder attempting to steal from him, Rich knows he must teach the delinquent babe a lesson in respect.
When Filthy Rich catches his stepgrandaughter Harper Red taking pictures of her naked body, she explains to him that she’s doing it for money. Pop Pop decides to offer Harper help with taking the pictures so she can make bank. Once he gets the money shot, Harper is very grateful so she decides to give him full access to her body!
After April Love gets dumped by her boyfriend, her step-grandad tries to console her with soothing advice. But that’s not all Jay Crew is good for, as he teaches April a thing or two about forgetting an ex-lover.
Tommy Gunn is an elder stud who can't get much done on his own; luckily, he has Vanessa Moon come over and help out; she aids this kinky senior get a nap and then begins practicing her salsa. When the music awakens Tommy, he decides to come down and show this babe the moves that made him famous in the past. Not long after, he injures himself, so, filled with a wild desire for this vixen's hot, tight body, he convinces Vanessa that there is only one way she can truly help; she soon recognizes his raging boner and offers him her wet pussy.
After finding the beautiful Andi Rose reading the old telepathy book that's been in the house for years, Tommy suggests that she may also possess this unique trait. They begin testing and realize she does have the talent after discovering Tommy's kinky ideas. Now, she's going to put her strong psyche energy to the test, as well as her passionate enthusiasm for fucking and sucking.
Jessica Sodi e Irán visitan al abuelo quien sufre de Alzheimer. El anciano los confunde con sus hermanos, y recuerda las aventuras sexuales que ellos vivieron en el rancho durante sus años de juventud. Los nietos deciden seguirle la corriente para no hacerlo sentir mal....
After Leda Lothario lands herself in financial trouble, she seeks out the help of her affluent step-grandfather, Jay Crew. Staggered by the amount of money she needs, Jay will make Leda work for it. A scene for those who like an old man to fuck a young girl, don't miss it if it's your thing and if not, recommend it, simple as that.
Emma Sirus visits her stepgrandpa Tommy Gunn at the senior home to take care of him and help him bathe. After she leaves, Tommy decides to run away from the senior home and shows up at Emma’s house. Emma’s mom begs her to do anything necessary to keep her stepgrandpa there until someone can get him. Turns out the best way to keep Tommy entertained is by letting him pound Emma’s tight pussy!
When Penelope Kay is visiting her stepgrandpa Donnie Rock she gets a call from her dad who accuses her of dressing like a slut. Penelope is upset and asks her pop pop if he could talk to her dad about this. Donnie agrees to this but Penelope will have to take care of his hard cock first!
The BangBus is out here son!! We’re still cruising the streets of Miami searching for money hungry chicks that would do anything for some dough. This week we came across this baddie on her way to work. We started chatting Reese Robbins up but she wanted nothing to do with us until we flashed her some bread. Her eyes lit up at the sight of cold hard cash. eventually after talking to her we got her to hop in the bus. From there it was only a matter of time until she was sucking some cock. However, first we paid her some more to get naked. This chick must have been horny as hell cause she was eager to get fucked. Once we had given her a sufficient amount of money she started swallowed our boy Filthy Rich’s cock. Eventually, he penetrated her tight pussy with his old man cock and stretched it all over the bus in several different positions. Once she was properly fucked, he nutted on her face and then we sent her ass packing. Bye!!!
When Annie Archer visits her stepgrandpa Jay Crew he tells her he’s been taking some new medication and he’s gonna need some extra help from her. Annie hates seeing her stepgrandpa struggle so she willingly does everything he asks… including taking care of his hard cock in every naughty way possible!
Frankie y su pandilla están de vuelta! Esta vez, Frankie estaba curioseando en Internet y encontró con una chica llamada Presley Carter. Presley necesitaba entradas urgentemente para un concierto de rock que estaban agotadas. Frankie tiene un amigo muy cercano en el hogar del jubilado, así que consiguió algunas entradas para intercambiar con Presley por sus servicios. Presley y su pandilla se divirtieron como si fuera 1965, ella se divirtió al máximo y se fue a su casa con las entradas e incluso con un pase entre bastidores.