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Existen dos tipos de familias, las que se limpian ellos mismos la casa, y los que tienen poder adquisitivo para pagar a una "chacha" que venga varias veces por semana a pasar la aspiradora, planchar y hacer los baños. En la siguiente casa han contratado los servicios de Michelle Martinez, una joven latina que se gana la vida como asistenta del hogar, y si le pagas un extra, Michelle acepta hacer sus labores completamente desnuda, y si todavía te sobran algunos billetes, puedes sobornarla para follar contigo echando un polvazo tan maravilloso como el que la gente de Bangros ha grabado en este nuevo capítulo de "MyDirtyMaid".
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Hey y'all, just another day in the shop. This young Latina lady comes in with an autographed baseball bat. Mia Martinez wanted to pawn it so she could go to New York city and become a big TV star. She wants an awful lot of money for a beat up baseball bat that doesn't have one of them certificates of authenticity. She doesn't even have a photo proving her story that it?s her dead daddy's baseball bat. Lady, for all I know, you stole that from the little league center down the street.
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Team ZZ is a notoriously awful sport club. With zero wins so far in the season, team management has decided to hire a new head coach? Missy Martinez. Coach Martinez figures that the only way to motivate these unruly men is to give Bambino, and the rest of the team, a little taste of what it?s like to be a winner? And what do winners get? They get to fuck Coach Martinez in her tight ass!
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