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Alex Coal, Anna Claire Clouds y Molly Little son nuestros espíritus de la navidad que van a visitar a nuestro afortunado para que mejore en lo personal a base de que las tres se lo follen hasta que lo dejen sin una gota de semen. Todo esto para que mejore su trato con las otras personas de su …
What’s up, Team Skeet fans? It’s time for another Labs update, and this time around, we’ve decided to go all out with the fun factor. Porn is inherently a little cheesy, which is honestly what makes it as awesome as it is. If you like your porn over the top and self-aware, this experiment should be right up your alley! In this episode, Lolly Dames, Maxie Mellow, and Alexander are your average stepfamily living their everyday lives. Maxie can’t do ANYTHING without getting stuck. Luckily her trusty stepbro Alexander is always there to save the day – usually with loads and loads of cum! When Lolly finds out Maxie and Alexander have been hooking up, she wants to join in on the fun and take a massive load herself.
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Everyone has secrets, but few stepfamilies are as strange as Leana Lovings’s. After facing tragedy, Leana learns about her magical powers and how to take command of them. Mandy Waters, Nicky, Joshua, and Miles all have essential roles in the summoning process and helping Leana reach her full potential. Lust, magic, and hardcore sex await this unsuspecting stepfamily as they attempt to cross new boundaries.
What’s up, Team Skeet fans? Have you been loving our limited-run series, The Summoning? This series has been a ton of fun to work on, and it’s full of some of the most intense and hot moments we’ve had the pleasure of working on. Now the series comes to an ultimate end as we celebrate our October All-Star, Leana Lovings. The time has come to perform the final ritual, with Josh as the key to unlocking everything. With the help of Miles, Josh needs to fuck Leana and Mandy Waters with everything he’s got for the ritual to work. But things don’t go as planned, and this occult stepfamily may have bitten off more than they can chew.
Concerned, Mandy Waters and Miles discuss the weird things their stepdaughter Leana Lovings is into. In particular, Leana is seemingly obsessed with a mysterious notebook. One night they find her in bed acting strange, she begs them to sleep with her because she’s scared, and while they all cuddle, she makes a move on Miles! As he starts going down on her, Mandy is still unsure about the situation, but soon she can’t resist and joins in the fun!
After Leana Lovings loses her dad in an accident, her mother, Mandy Waters, gets married to a new man. Miles and Mandy console a grieving Leana, and Miles gives Leana a mysterious necklace that once belonged to her father. The necklace oozes with a strange power Leana has never felt before, but she thinks nothing of it. Later, Leana is at a party with her new stepbrothers, Nicky and Joshua. The night gets magical when Leana learns that Nicky has a matching necklace and special abilities that grant Nicky anything he desires.
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