Let's call a spade a spade, Haley Spades is a diamond-tier talent who performs with so much heart she's developed a fan club! This flexible spinner is in phenomenal shape, and loves to hit the gym and catch those gains. Whether she's solitaire or holdin' em, Haley plays for keeps, and when she isn't showing off her small boobs and tight ass on camera, she's gaming and traveling the world. Petite, bubbly, and energetic, Haley loves to be dominated and depraved - see how much she loves it in the scenes below! ...
Sweet Sophia had a problem. She was still a virgin. Guys were afraid of that. But she had a plan. Her step dad Jovan Jordan would help. He had to. He was the only hope. She interrupted him watching sports. She explained her request. He said there were two reasons why he couldn’t do it. First of all her mom. Second he was way too big for her. She had a fix for the second problem, some yoga oil. That convinced him. They got undressed. His dick was huge! She gave him a blowjob. Put that oil on his dick. And they started to fuck. First she was riding him so she could control how much of his dick would stretch her pussy. Then they did some spooning and doggy. In the end he s**t his super sperm straight into her face.
Geisha Kyd was walking on a hiking path. It was so hot that she lifted her shirt and used a spray bottle on her face and tits. A group of men were watching her and when they were passing her they asked if they could use some of her water spray to cool down. She told them she lifted her shirt on purpose. She saw that they were watching her and she recognized Alberto Blanco as one of them. A pornstar with a huge dick! She offered she would cast on the spot for a port and she really wanted to get fucked hard. That was an offer Alberto could not refuse. He slapped and choked Geisha Kyd, squeezed and slapped her breasts. She gave his giant dick a wonderful bj with tons of throat. Then he fucked her. He fucked her hard. Her screams could be heard from miles away. He fucked her in all possible positions until she was unable to stand. He s**t his load into her face and she started to stumble away.
Petite Chicago spinner Madi Collins used to be a teacher. That career couldn't pan out for the little kinkster, because she was always horny! Making the leap to exotic dancing, Madi felt right at home showing off her little boobs and shaking her booty. With talents that range from singing and dancing to playing ukulele and piano, Madi now teaches a different kind of lesson: no matter the size of the pervert, she can make them cum huge!
Serina Gomez has the hots for her boss, Angelo Godshack. She may be only his executive assistant, but she makes sure to dress as sexy as possible for every day of work. Today, though, Serina has decided to throw caution to the wind. After delivering Angelo's papers, she tells him that she has a surprise for him.
When Paris White approaches her stepbrother Allen asking for a ride, he refuses at first but they quickly get to an agreement: Paris will give Allen a blowjob and if he’s satisfied then he’ll give her a ride! Who knew that stepsis had such slutty ways to get what she wants?
Haley Spades had the best time at last night’s rave but wished it was a night that would never end. She thought she missed her chance with the hottest guy at the party but is pleasantly surprised when Brock shows up in her bedroom. One of these scenes that shouldn't be missing from your personal video library, don't hesitate to download it and save it, you'll need it for future jerk-offs, I'm completely sure.
Freya von Doom loves to make a mess but doesn’t like cleaning the mess up. Peter and Freya make a deal over a game of pool, and whoever wins doesn't have to clean for a month. But the games played at this house are a little different than you’d expect…
Mini Stallion isn't just petite... she's downright tiny! Standing a mere four feet four inches tall, Mini Stallion brings a ton of presence to every scene she stars in. Mini Stallion has perky 32A tits and a big booty that somehow fits into the palm of your hand, and she loves nothing more than proving she can take on the biggest dicks in the smut biz! The small package good things cum in, you're not going to miss a single chance to ride with Mini Stallion.
While getting ready in her cosplay costume, Madi hogs up the bathroom. An angry Chris tries to rush her out, but when Madi is finally ready, he realizes it was worth the wait. Because it's really incredible how such a small woman can shove a large cock into her wet pussy and be like a professional milker, leaving her without a single drop of semen.
Beautiful brunette Ivy Reid makes a great first impression, and even then, she'll grow on you! With several cute tattoos and adorably pert boobs, Ivy's smile blooms whenever she sees a big cock on set. When she isn't shooting smut, Ivy likes to hang out with friends, travel, and try new cuisines.
Mini Stallion needs some help getting her shirt down from the pole. Lucky for her, Jovan is here to help. He lifts her up and as a thank you, she sucks his dick. This girl may be small, but that throat game is far from tiny. She gives him an amazing blowjob before fucking him in multiple positions by the pool until he cums all over her face.
Zerella Skies pulled her hamstring, When her stepdad Jonathan Jordan came home she asked him for a massage. He was a professional massage therapist but completely exhausted from work. Yet he would give a Zerella a massage since she needed it for the tomorrow’s race. He massaged her th**hs, legs and buttocks until she came. What? She came? Yes he said, that is pretty common when he gives a massage. So she decided her other hamstring needed a massage, too. And she came again. How about if he would not finger her? Mom would never find out. So he did. His fingers were strong and magical and felt wonderful inside her pussy. It was time for her to pay back. She gave him an amazing blowjob, even sucked his balls. So they fucked. They stayed om the massage bed the whole time without breaking it. They fucked in doggy, riding, spoon, you name it. Obviously Jonathan then s**t his load straight into her face.
I saw this cutie waiting around, so I walked up and introduced myself. Alba Lala was from France, but waiting for her boyfriend. I started to tell her I was an agent, but she recognized me from the videos! She demanded to have sex with me for money. I tried to be coy, but she wasn't having it. She flashed me her tits and ass right there in the street! We walked to a nearby place and she greedily started sucking my dick. She made her pussy wet and turned around to fuck me standing doggystyle. I pounded her tight pussy, then she rode me on the ground. I fucked her wet pinkness until pulling out to cum on her!
Alex Legend brings his date Lulu Chu back to his place so they can get to know each other better in private. Lulu tells him about how she's been experimenting with bondage lately, and Alex thinks that sounds right up his alley. Lulu excuses herself, then comes back in nothing but a rope harness that accentuates her tight little body, and Alex can't wait to play with her! Lulu sucks his cock, astounded by how huge it is, then Alex holds on to the ropes so he can fuck her tight pussy extra hard!
Welcome to Lulu's Lair of Lust! Enter at your own peril. The sexy and glamorous Lulu Chu will draw you inside with their hot body, their enchanting attire and... a little bit of magic. Zac Wild gets pulled into the lusty lair and is quickly put under Lulu's spell. Watch as Zac gets to eat Lulu's sweet pussy, then deliver a hard fucking!
When it comes to Avery Black’s sex life, she is promiscuous, to say the least. But her favorite hookups are with guys way taller than her because of how deep they get. When she sets her sights on Giovanni, the hunky pool guy, she knows she can’t miss the opportunity to fuck him.
In the hot springs with Hikaru Kirishima and her lover. If you remember Miss Hikaru Kirishima has brought a man to the hot springs today. He was not quite sure what to do as they were not lovers and he was not sure what he should do when he saw her changing out of her street clothes for the first time. Hikaru is not shy and changed in front of him as he watched her take off her bra and get into her yukata. She has such a sexy slender body and so fucking lovely and all he wanted to do is reach out and touch it. But since he was not sure what he should do he just waited. Hikaru then suggested they give each other massages and she would start on him. That lasted just a minute before she thought it best to let him massage her and she would slip out of her yakata for this and just let him rub her body while she wore her panties. This was nice for him as he started to rub her cute ass and tits and Hikaru got hot enough that she took off her panties and let him play with her pussy. But Hikaru decided the best place to continue that was in the shower so she led him to the shower area so they could bathe and get clean. Hikaru decided she would soap him up first and get his cock nice and clean. She then got all soapy and used her body to rub all over him and get him clean. She made sure to spend extra time on his cock and balls. She really wanted him clean.
Vikki Valentine loves looting for jewelry, but she won't escape this time. Once in custody, she denies the accusations, so officer Ryan Mclane decides to run the tape and finds her not only taking the spoils but discovering her vast history of naughty behavior. Now there's only one way out of this mess for the beautiful thief Vikki, and it goes through this officer's horny, throbbing shaft.
Izzy Lush is 5'7, with a beautiful face and a form that would drive you wild if you had half a chance. She has perfectly formed small breasts and a smile that would make your day. Izzy is quite a newcomer to the industry, although she has already proved her many talents. Long may this beauty grace our screens.