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Linzee Ryder breaks up with her boyfriend after she catches him cheating with multiple women. She decides to go to her sister's house, looking for comfort. The problem is that she is out of town, and the only one home is Danny, her brother-in-law. His wife begs Danny to stay and comfort Linzee, so the man steps up and helps the lonely milf, even though he has a lot of work to do. Trying to balance his duties and being there for Linzee, Danny offers her some comfort while grabbing her bouncy ass. The guy tries to cheer her up by telling her nice stuff to her while she drills her pussy against the living room table. He also tries to distract her by talking to her about other stuff in her life while she jumps over his cock in the master bedroom. Linzee instantly feels better after some quality time with her brother-in-law.
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An aloof husband invites a film crew into his family home without notice to his wife. Thinking he is up to no good, Linzee Ryder decides to get a closer look at what this crew is up to. When she realizes they are making porn, she lets Keiran Lee know exactly what role she wants to play.
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Linzee Ryder is having back problems. Lucky for her that her neighbor, David, is a massage therapist and he invites her over for a free massage. Linzee takes him up on his offer and starts getting turned on feeling David's hands caress her body. It's only a matter of time before Linzee begs for David's cock and he happily gives it to her, nice and hard.
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