When brought in for questioning about suspicious activity around a retail store, Angel Gostosa is confident that there is no proof of her guilt. But when Loss Prevention Officers Mancini and Nails complete a strip search, a surprise drops out from her crotch. While they have no choice but to keep the young shoplyfter in their custody, Angel finds an easy way to convince the Officers to let her run free.
In the previous episode, Oliver Faze and Elias Cash switched bodies after interacting with a mysterious skull. After hatching a scheme to fuck their stepsisters, the boys were miraculously put back into their original bodies but somehow caused Angel Gostosa and Lily Lou to switch. The quartet will need to fuck again while in direct contact with the skull to break the curse. Will this be enough to get everyone back where they belong? Don’t miss out on part two of Curse of the Skull Swap!
Angel Gostosa is conducting an experiment that ramps up the male sex drive. Her professor, Marcus London, sits nearby and has high hopes for the star pupil's discoveries. But things don’t go entirely to plan, and the chemical compound which elevates the male sex drive finds its way into Marcus’s coffee. However, this mishap turns out to be just what Angel needed to validate her scientific efforts.
The world is home to many curses and forms of magic, and when Oliver Faze and Elias Cash discover an ancient artifact, they swap bodies. Their stepsisters, Angel Gostosa and Lily Lou, notice a change in their behavior, so they attempt to catch Oliver and Elias off-guard. Things get dicey, and before anyone knows it, the quartet jumps into a full-on foursome.
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Angel Gostosa was out with her friend buying clothes for college and when her dad saw her wearing what she bought, he called her slutty. That made Angel very mad, so mad that she took her belongings and moved in with her friend. She explained everything to Donny, her friend's brother, and that on day, she wants to be a model. Later, Donny peeped when Angel was changing and she noticed. She was turned on so much that she lets him know its OK and would actually like to fuck from time to time while she's there.
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